From the EditorsThe Ukrainian World Congress and the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance have prepared a collection of informational materials for Ukraine Unity Day. These resources can be handy during discussions in Ukrainian Saturday and Sunday schools, in interactions with the media, and during events and public initiatives – all to serve as a reminder that unity remains a fundamental national value for Ukrainians.

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On January 22, Ukrainians will traditionally celebrate Unity Day, marking 105 years since the proclamation of the Unification Act of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UNR) and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic (ZUNR). This historic event, when Ukrainian lands united into one state, became a pivotal milestone in Ukrainian statehood.


“Unity means, firstly, the consolidation of all lands inhabited by a specific nation into one state entity on a contiguous territory. Secondly, it represents the spiritual consolidation of all state citizens, and their unity irrespective of nationality. Finally, unity is inseparable from the sovereignty and real independence of the people – the foundation for building a democratic state, ensuring the nation’s survival and existence,” writes the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance.

Some key ideas to promote on Ukraine Unity Day:

Ukrainian 10th Graders Will Study Weapons and Military Equipment
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Ukrainian 10th Graders Will Study Weapons and Military Equipment

In an attempt to transform Ukrainian society so it is better equipped to defend itself, Ukrainian high-schoolers will be taught first aid and how to handle weapons and military equipment.

On January 22, we commemorate the declaration of independence of the Ukrainian People’s Republic of 1918 and the Unification Act of 1919 proclamation.

The Unification Act of January 22, 1919, marked the convergence of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic into a sovereign state, realizing the long-held desire for unity among Ukrainians previously divided by the borders of former empires. This historic event unequivocally contradicts the assertions made by Russian propaganda, debunking the claim that Stalin first united Ukrainian lands in 1939.


For numerous decades, the Unification Act stood as the ideological driving force behind the quest for an independent, unified state. Following the proclamation of the union between UNR and ZUNR on January 22, 1919, the concept of Ukrainian national unity became unwavering in the realm of Ukrainian political thought.

In the initial decades of the 20th century, Ukrainians came together following the collapse of empires. Presently, Ukraine persists in the fight for independence and cohesion. As a result, prioritizing unity remains a fundamental objective in national efforts. The complete restoration of integrity is envisioned once Ukraine regains control of all territories seized by the adversary. Victory is sought through the pursuit of unity.

Soviet and Russian propaganda historically pitted Ukrainian regions against each other, promoting notions of distinct “types” of Ukrainians. Yet, in the contemporary response to Russian aggression, we have showcased our unity and a collective aspiration to reside in a free state that shapes its own destiny.

Unity involves more than just remembering a shared past; it necessitates collaborative efforts for the future, both on the battlefield and in non-combat areas. When individuals from diverse regions collaborate, combat occupiers, and contribute together to significant achievements, our common objective emerges: to achieve an independent, democratic, and united Ukraine. Let’s unite!

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