Partisans in occupied Mariupol have told Kyiv Post how they created an “imaginary charming woman” on a social media site to obtain information about Russian troops which they then used to poison them.

Using the fake profile on the Russian social network Vkontakte (VK), the partisans learned that vodka was particularly sought after by Moscow’s soldiers as a ban on them buying it had been imposed in the city.

“They are so eager to meet women that their VK is like Tinder,” a partisan told Kyiv Post on condition of anonymity.

Another partisan posing as a vodka seller was then dispatched for the next stage of the operation.

“We did a little magic with a syringe,” a partisan told Kyiv Post on condition of anonymity, describing how they poisoned the drink.


According to the partisans, three Russian soldiers were killed and more than a dozen others taken ill.

They added that the person who bought the vodka from the partisan supplier had been “thrown into a pit” in order to find out who sold it to them but they were confident they would not be traced, in part because of the winter weather.

“Winter. Hoods. Hats. Scarves - you won't recognize the person afterwards,” they said. “Black clothes and all that.

“In summer, it's almost impossible, but now is our time for such actions.”

As for the fake social media account, “the phone they used is already at the bottom of the Kalmius River.”

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Kyiv Post could not independently verify the account but partisans are highly active in occupied areas of Ukraine and several similar stories have surfaced since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Last month, 24 Russian troops were reportedly killed after being given poison-laced food by “two nice girls” at a military checkpoint in Simferopol, Crimea.

The Ukrainian partisan group Crimean Combat Seagulls later confirmed the news, saying that in addition to the soldiers killed, 11 more were hospitalized.


And the month before, four Russian FSB officers were poisoned after ordering food and alcoholic beverages for delivery from a restaurant in occupied Melitopol.

As well as a rather predictable fondness for vodka and women, Russian troops in occupied Ukraine also have one other weakness, a Mariupol source told Kyiv Post last year.

“[Poisoning] is possible because the orcs [derogatory term for Russians] are idiots.”

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