Ukraine’s parliament tentatively backed a bill on Wednesday aimed at drafting more soldiers into the army, a deeply divisive proposal in a nation exhausted by fighting.

Kyiv’s military had for months been asking the government to draft more soldiers, to boost its dwindling ranks and reprieve its fatigued frontline troops.

After refusing outright to debate the bill last month, 243 lawmakers approved the measure in its first reading on Wednesday. The process of making it law could take weeks.

“This is not a final decision. There will be a second reading, amendments will be made to it,” opposition lawmaker Oleksiy Goncharenko said on Telegram.

The original version of the bill, introduced by the government in December, would make it harder to avoid the draft and lower the age of military service from 27 to 25.


While it would also cut compulsory wartime service from an unlimited period to 36 months, the proposed changes sparked panic among those not yet called up.

After a year of grinding warfare that has failed to yield major territorial gains for either Russia or Ukraine, Moscow is throwing more manpower into the conflict.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in December the military wanted to mobilise up to half a million people to battle the 600,000 or so Russians deployed in Ukraine.

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Philip Tummarello
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In Israel, EVERYONE of proper age is obligated to perform military service, including women. Israel has been in a constant state of war since the day of its existence in 1948. Immigrants to Israel must serve after two years of residence or leave the country.

Without warriors, a war cannot be won. It is immoral to let other brothers, fathers, husbands, sons and daughters to fight while able bodied Ukrainians willingly remain at home, comfortable in their own beds.

Not all conscripts are destined to be at the front fighting. Upwards of 80% of an army is relegated to support efforts to those doing the actual fighting.
Logistics in maintaining supply lines is not risk-free, but neither is it the same as being in the trenches. Freedom does not come or exist without costs. The soil of Ukraine has been sweetened by the sweat and blood of it's heroes. Geroyam Slava!! Ukraine has historically been a nation of heroes, and this is precisely why Ukraine became a free nation and determines it's own destiny.

Which destiny will be chosen? russian degradation and destruction of any and all things Ukrainian that will make the Soviet era seem like a holiday, or
facing the reality and hardships of remaining an independent nation who
faced this evil war of conquest and defeated it? In its victory, Ukraine becomes the radiant beacon of light, justice and moral authority not only in Europe, but around the world. Slava Ukriani!