China’s President Xi Jinping on Thursday told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that both countries should oppose interference by “external forces”, Chinese state media reported, as the two leaders spoke on the phone to mark Lunar New Year.

Beijing and Moscow are staunch allies and have strengthened their relationship even as many countries have turned their backs on Russia over its invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

The two sides have maintained a steady flow of high-level visits and dialogue, and trade between them reached a record high in 2023.

During Thursday’s phone call, Xi said that they “should closely collaborate strategically, defend the sovereignty, security and development interests of their respective countries, and resolutely oppose interference in internal affairs by external forces”, a readout from state broadcaster CCTV said.


Putin told Xi that ties between China and Russia were at “an unprecedentedly high level”, a Kremlin readout said.

Beijing has drawn criticism from Ukraine’s allies for its stance on the war, on which China insists it is neutral.

China itself has been denounced, notably by the United States, over a number of thorny issues, including increasingly belligerent behaviour towards self-ruled democratic Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its territory.

“In discussing the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, the Russian President reaffirmed his principled position on the Taiwan issue, which is to support the ‘one China’ policy,” said the Kremlin readout.

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Xi said China and Russia had “weathered many storms together”, CCTV reported.

“Looking ahead, China-Russia relations are facing new opportunities for development,” he said.

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China certainly stands to gain a lot if russia collapses. Bare minimum, the probably 'bloodless' return of the 910,000 sq/hms of Qing and Siberian territories russia stole from them in 1860. So there is some logic in their cheerleading russia down the path of its doomed war. They lose nothing and even pick up some extra spending money in the process.

But by far the brunt of China's spending money still comes from those in democratic nations. Are you happy for what they are using the money you send them? Are you planning to send them more this year? Have you checked your ETF and Mutual fund holdings, your consumer product labels, your travel destinations to see what countries you are supporting with your hard earned currency? Would you change your spending, investment and travel patterns if that potential recipient nation was threatening your own?

Let the recent UN vote tallies against russia's latest criminal invasion be your simple reference chart. Which nations supported russia? Which once turned a blind eye and conveniently claimed neutrality? Which took a principled stand that aligns with your own values?

What are you leaving your future generations? Economically gutted democracies and well funded powerful autocracies?

Please take the time to explain your choices to your kids.
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Xi is going to smack putin somewhere in the future. Chinese dont like putler, old broom still in use they say.