A local politician reported Russian soldiers and equipment movements in occupied Mariupol with an addition of 5,000 troops for training and to bolster the reserve units.

“In general, we can talk about another reinforcement both for training and for the reserve unit. In the total number (in particular, reinforcements of all kinds) we record an increase in personnel [of] 5,000 people,” said Petro Andryushchenko, advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, in a Telegram announcement.

In a comment to Kyiv Post, Andryushchenko said the increase started close to a week ago. He said there are 30,000 to 40,000 troops stationed in Mariupol on average, and that another wave arrived close to a month ago but was sent to the front soon after.

“It was up to 30,000-40,000 thousand in total. Then it increased by 10,000 (and then decreased due to the deployment to the front to 30,000-35,000). Now it is +5,000. Somehow this is the math,” he said.


“All this then moves mostly (previously) to Maryinka/Vuhledar. Now Kurakhovo. Avdiivka is a different route, conditionally Mariupol-Novoazovsk-Donetsk (the so-called old Donetsk road). But yes, we are recording an increase in density,” he added.

Andryushchenko described 5,000 fresh troops as “a lot” and believed they might be used to reinforce Russian offensives in the area.

“What are they preparing for? For continued attacks, primarily in the Avdiivka sector and toward Kurakhovo/Vuhledar. An increase to 5,000 reserves is a lot,” he said.

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Andryushchenko also noted the allocation of coastal areas in Mariupol for “additional staffing” where new troops, both conscripted and under contract, were wearing new uniforms with no identification marks.

There is also an increased number of operational warehouses and parking lots for reserve units north and northeast of Mariupol, particularly along an axis formed by three villages.

“Vodyane - Granitne - Volnovakha. Complete set. Heavy tracked machinery, [munition stockpile] warehouses and still manpower. Frankly not for training, but as a reserve,” reported Andryushchenko.


Mariupol, located along the Azov Sea coastline in the Donetsk region, was captured by Russia in May 2022 after months of fierce fighting that reduced much of the city to rubbles. It holds strategic importance to Moscow in its invasion of Ukraine as it is part of a land corridor between mainland Russia and occupied Crimea.

There have been rumors of renewed Russian offensives against Ukraine, but it is not known if the troops increase in Mariupol is an indication of any kind.

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No matter what the outcome will be with 71 year old Dictator Putan, you can't believe a word he says or does. He's fooling everyone. He cannot be trusted. And Russia needs to arrest him.

D Ingonthis
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5000 troops is about 6 days' supply across the front line.