Alexei Navalny, probably the most prominent opposition leader in Russia, has died in a prison within the Arctic Circle which Russia's federal penitentiary service say was caused by a detached blood clot just one month prior to the presidential election in Russia.

A fierce opponent of Putin’s regime, Navalny gained popularity with many for speaking out against corruption in the 2010s, but whose high profile eventually led to a suspected Novichok assassination attempt by Russian intelligence and landed him in prison.

Many in the West have criticized Navalny’s imprisonment as politically motivated, and now his death has rekindled the previous waves of criticisms from the West against Moscow’s heavy-handed repression against all those who voice opposition, but many in Russia have rejoiced over Navalny’s death:


Oleg Orlov, Russia human rights campaigner

“It is a crime of the regime. It is glaringly obvious. It is a killing. It is a crime and I hope that people will bear responsibility – legal responsibility – sooner or later,” Orlov said as he left a court in Moscow where he was on trial for denouncing Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Anonymous VKontakte user

“This was expected, a strong oppositionist. Elections are just around the corner, grandfather [Putin] has gone mad with a thirst for power.”

Viktor Pilschikov, VKontakte user

“He slandered Putin and our entire government as a whole! Accused them of stealing and withdrawing billions overseas to offshore companies, having expensive real estate and accounts there, citizenship and residence permits of countries unfriendly to us from members of their families and relatives ...

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But you can’t fool us! Everyone knows that this simply cannot be and that all this is vile slander and spreading fake news! Apparently, he could not stand the realization of his guilt and the deepest remorse!”

Yanir Talambiev, VKontakte user

“He tried to destroy RUSSIA, and this is the result. That’s where he belongs!!”


Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State

“His death in a Russian prison and the fixation and fear of one man only underscores the weakness and rot at the heart of the system that Putin has built,” Blinken said on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

“Russia is responsible for this,” he added

Edgars Rinkevics, Latvian President

“He was just brutally murdered by the Kremlin. That's a fact and that is something one should know about the true nature of Russia's current regime,” Rinkevics said on X, formerly Twitter.

Andriy Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine

“Putin is the ultimate evil who is afraid of any competition. The lives of Russians are nothing to him. Everyone who calls for negotiations must realize that he cannot be trusted. The only language he understands is force,” Yermak said on Telegram.

Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President

“Obviously he was killed by Putin. Like thousands of others tortured, tortured because of this one creature. Putin doesn't care who dies, as long as he keeps his positions.”

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I grieve at the loss of Alexei Navalny. So alive, witty and eloquent. I never understood why he felt he had to return to Russia after his poisoning. He knew how utterly corrupt the so called Russian justice system was. His final years in prison did not achieve anything. Same with Kara-Murza. They both could have stood sa symbols of freedom outside Putin's captive Russia.
Joseph Swanson
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lexey Navalny was another communist playing pretend to be "russian opposition."
In an interview with Echo of moscow radio station in October 2014, Navalny admitted that the Crimean peninsula had been seized through “outrageous violations of all international norms”, and YET asserted that it would “remain part of russia” and would “never become part of Ukraine in the foreseeable future”.
Under a democratically elected government, “the wonderful russia of the future”, as Navalny liked to call post-putlin russia, would still keep Crimea despite the fact that the annexation was illegal. That is because their policies would have to reflect the will of the russian people and the overwhelming majority of russians wanted Crimea to be within russian borders.

Boris Nadezhdin is no better. He portrays himself as "anti war" but when it comes to Ukraine, he believes russia should be allowed to hold onto the territories currently under russian occupation.

As Volodymyr Vynnychenko, one of the central figures of the Ukrainian national liberation movement in 1917-1919, insightfully noted a century ago, “Russian democracy ends where the Ukrainian question begins”.
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I wonder how many oppressed Russians would take the shot if given the chance. You know, that hypothetical, historically absent shot that would have stopped WWII's genocidal tyrant.

What are you going to do about Navalny's death, bereaved russians?

- Follow in Alexei's peaceful protest path, and serve out your remaining short life in prison?
- Vote for another compromised politician controlled by putin?
- Run for office and be falsely disqualified like Boris Nadezhdin or Yekaterina Duntsova?
- Do nothing and hope for different results?

What have you not tried?
Edithe van den Borne
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On 20 july 2023, Navalny said this:

Unwilling to rest on the foot of conscience, my Russia took a few big leaps, pushing everyone around, but them slipped and collapsed with a crash, destroying everything around it. And now it is floundering in a pool of either mud or blood, with broken bones and the poor, robbed population, surrounded by the tens of thousands of victims of the most stupid and senseless war of the XXI century.