In a stunning display of aerial prowess, a video released on Feb. 19 by Robert “Madyar” Brovi, a senior UAV operations commander in the southern Dnipro sector, captures the moment a Ukrainian quadcopter successfully takes down a Russian fixed-wing drone by ramming into it, destroying both aircraft.

The dogfight took place in the skies geo-located over wetlands near the village of Krynky, where Ukrainian Marines have held river bridgehead since mid-October against repeated Kremlin assaults.

During the dogfight, the Ukrainian drone, a cheap home-made remote-controlled copter with an explosive zip-tied to its belly, makes at least two passes before ramming into a Russian propeller plane drone identified in the video as a Raptor-R.

The video records the Ukrainian flight crew’s jubilation and cheers after the aerial victory. Brovi credited the pilots and ground support teams from the Ajax drone section, an air support element of the 126th Territorial Defense Brigade, for the rare air-to-air kill.

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