French President Emmanuel Macron will host several European leaders and government representatives for a meeting on Ukraine in Paris on Monday, as Reuters reported regarding Macron’s office.

“Two years after the start of the [full-scale – ed.] invasion of Ukraine, this working meeting will be an opportunity to explore ways to strengthen cooperation between partners in support of Ukraine,” the agency quoted the Elysee Palace press service.

Macron is determined to send a signal to Moscow that Europe is not “fatigued with Ukraine” despite fears of a decrease in further US aid.

The Ukrainian edition of European Pravda also adds that Polish President Andrzej Duda spoke about the invitation from the French President during a conversation with Polsat News.

“President Macron invited several Europeans to Paris leaders on a special basis to discuss new offers of solutions and help Ukraine,” said Duda. “We will discuss them in detail.”


He added that leaders of several countries will take part in the meeting.

Kyiv Post recently reported [in the Ukrainian edition] that Ukraine and France signed an agreement on security cooperation.

During the Munich Security Conferences, US Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized that help cannot be a political subject.

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