Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen signed a 10-year agreement on security cooperation and long-term support between the two nations Friday.

According to Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of Zelensky's Office, the first security agreement of Ukraine with the state outside the G-7 differs significantly from the previous ones as it includes a "strong military section" in addition to the classic provisions, which are:

  • clear support of future Ukraine's membership of EU and NATO, including Kyiv's reforms and accession path
  • cooperation in the field of defense, intelligence, intelligence, and cyber security
  • Ukraine’s recovery, including resilience, reconstruction as well as multi-year funding for civilian assistance and business development
  • anti-Russian sanctions and export controls
  • commitment to ensuring accountability for international crimes committed in Ukraine, including the crime of aggression. Kyiv and Copenhagen will continue their work, including in the Core Group, to establish a tribunal for the Kremlin leadership

In the document, Denmark has pledged to provide military aid to Ukraine worth a minimum of 1.8 billion euros in 2024. Additionally, Denmark's Ukraine Fund, which totals 8.5 billion euros,will cover ongoing support in 2023-2028.

Zhovkva added that Denmark, as a co-lead of the Air Force Capability Coalition (AFCC) and a participant of the Capability Coalition of Integrated Air and Missile Defence, will focus on enhancing Ukraine's Air Force and air defense. 


This will be accomplished by providing a comprehensive F-16 capacity through the AFCC, including donating fighter jets, ammunition, simulators, and training. Denmark will also contribute to the long-term maintenance of the fighter jets and establish proper facilities in Ukraine.

An agreement was made between Ukraine and Denmark to support the development of Ukraine's maritime fleet, mine clearance efforts, and high-tech military donations, including drones, communications equipment, radars, and detection equipment along with the necessary training in utilization.

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Zelensky urged the UK to help boost Ukraine's "long-range capability," saying lifting restrictions on Western weapons would allow Ukraine to better defend against Russian offensives.

Denmark will continue its support to Ukraine for the ten-year duration of this agreement, with the possibility of extending security commitments in coordination between the participants as well as with allies and partners.

"Traditionally, the agreement includes the mechanism of consultation within 24 hours at the request of any of the parties in the event of a future armed attack by Russia has been fixed," a member of Zelensky's team added.

Denmark’s security commitments to Ukraine are anchored in the Joint Declaration as of 12 July 2023, adopted by the Group of Seven and the EU on the margins of the NATO Summit in Vilnius. This Declaration was immediately supported by Nordic countries, including Denmark.

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