The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has announced on its official website that players from Russia and Belarus can participate in the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics in Paris as neutrals, providing they meet the conditions of neutrality set by the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees.

“Neutral athletes will need to meet the selection and eligibility requirements as set out in the applicable ITF Regulations.

“The ITF decision aligns with the majority of International Federations (IFs) regarding individual competition and athletes participating in the Paris 2024 Games this summer. The ITF’s position is also in accordance with tennis’ existing international policy which was adopted in March 2022”, the ITF says in its statement.

The Summer Olympics will be held in Paris, France from July 26 to Aug. 11, with the Paralympic Games taking place from Aug. 28 to Sept. 8.

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If Russia and any of the nations officially supporting them are allowed to send athletes to the Paris Olympics, I would support my country Canada boycotting this olympics

I do not think any nation actively supporting one conducting the most serious of international crimes imaginable (invading and murdering its neighbour to steal its resources) should be allowed at the Olympics.

They only use the attention from these goodwill events to white wash their crimes

Interesting data on Olympedia website regarding the Olympics providing a means of defecting. Since 1928 there were 61 defections...45 of them from USSR / Russian controlled nations at the time of their defections. The rest almost entirely from various other countries in Africa, Asia, South America or Middle East either low scoring on International Transparency's corruption index, or in the midst of civil wars at the time.

While none have yet defected from Democratic allied nations, that is exactly where all defectors head. With 75% of defections tied to USSR / Russia, what does that tell you about the oppressive government model they represent.

Even their most promising athletes, with all the perks that may allow, have risked it all to leave russian style oppression.
Joseph King
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Time to start boycotting the tennis if #russiaTerroristState and Potatoshenko peoples are allowed to compete at the 2024 Prolympics.
I would support my country boycotting the games.

#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
#WeAreUkraine 💪
*Все це Україна!* 👍