Seven Indian citizens have released a video message saying they were coerced into joining the war in Ukraine on the side of Russia, with the video posted on the X social network by NDTV journalist Uma Sudhir.

As reported by Radio Svoboda, the individuals stated that they arrived in Russia as tourists at the end of December last year. They were then offered a trip to Belarus by a travel agency, to which they agreed.

According to the Indian citizens, they were unaware of the need for a visa to travel to Belarus, stating “When we arrived in Belarus, the agent asked us for money and then disappeared.”

However, upon arrival in Belarus, they claim they were detained by the police and handed over to Russian authorities, who forced them to sign documents in Russian without the presence of an interpreter.


The Indian publication News 18 reported that these individuals underwent 15 days of military training before being sent to “the place where the war is going on.” They also said being told that the alternative to military service would be 10 years in prison.

Journalist Uma Sudhir highlighted in her post that “7 of them who met in Russia may be deployed any time, without any training, to fight the war in Ukraine.”

The Russian side has not yet responded to these allegations.

Indians from the Russian army turn to their authorities for help with demobilization

Previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India confirmed reports that Indians in the Russian army are seeking help for demobilization, with some already being released.

Russian Missile Attack on Chernihiv Leaves 16 Dead, Over 60 Injured
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Russian Missile Attack on Chernihiv Leaves 16 Dead, Over 60 Injured

An 8-story civilian multi-purpose building was directly hit during the Russian missile strikes, according to the acting mayor of Chernihiv.

India had requested Russia to allow its citizens, who had signed contracts with the Russian army, to be released before the expiration of their contracts. The ministry stated that several Indian citizens serve on contract in the combat zone in "support work," without specifying the exact number.

The Indian embassy in Moscow is monitoring the situation of Indians in the Russian army and negotiating with Russian authorities for their early release.


Reports also indicated that last year, around 100 Indians were hired under contracts for a minimum period of one year, and several have since been released.

Additionally, the Center of National Resistance reported that foreign mercenaries are being trained in Russia for hostilities in Ukraine, with promises of salaries ranging from $2,000 to $4,000. However, they are allegedly paid only a fraction of this amount.

Russian special services are said to be actively recruiting citizens from Syria, Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Congo, Egypt, and Central Asian countries for these purposes.

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Hard to feel sympathy for any foreign soldier / nation supporting putin's criminal regime. For being his supportive pawns in this thug regimes murderous illegal invasion of Ukraine they deserve the worst of fates.

To those who regret their choice to support putin only because it's now become physically hard for them; please just die quicker. Your lives are pointless anyway. You add nothing to the greater good of humanity. You leave behind for your relatives only shame.

To those who for unfathomable depths of STUPIDY, did not know there were supporting an undeniably evil Russian thug. Well.... you can't go back without suffering a lifetime of shame; what with your family and former friends all now knowing you were a murderer of innocent Ukrainians (including those soldier defending their nation) 

So why don't you ask your deity for forgiveness, have a shot of courage, and then pay penance. Use whatever tool of death russia had assigned you to instead take out the most high ranking / expensive russian target you can when opportunity presents.

When in your own mind you have done considerably more net good for Ukraine than harm for putin, only then will you find some level of inner peace.