Ukrainian forces have successfully destroyed the Russian Zoopark-1 surveillance and fire control radar complex, a highly prized asset frequently boasted about by the Russian military, as reported by the Special Operations Forces (SSO).

"Another enemy radar 'Zoopark-1' destroyed," the caption read in the video released by the SSO via Telegram.

During reconnaissance in the Lymansky direction of the Donetsk region, operators of the reconnaissance unmanned aerial complex of the Medoid tactical group of the 3rd separate regiment of the SSO detected the Zoopark-1 radar.

SSO fighters tracked the target for a period and relayed the information to the missile and artillery unit of the Defense Forces for further action.

"As a result of the fire damage, the enemy's radar station was destroyed along with its crew," the SSO's statement read.


Captured footage showed the explosion followed by billowing smoke and flames. Several Russian soldiers were seen either lying on the ground or falling.

The Special Ops Forces did not specify the exact weapon used to eliminate the radar complex. However, it is stressed that seven Russian radars of this type have already been destroyed by the Medoid tactical group.

The Zoopark-1 is a radar system designed for countering artillery attacks. It is capable of detecting mortar shells within a 20-kilometer radius, artillery shells within 30 kilometers, and surface-to-air missiles within 50 kilometers, pinpointing the source of the fire.

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According to data from open sources, the estimated cost of the complex is approximately 10-15 million dollars.

In October 2023, Special Operations Forces in the Zaporizhzhia region destroyed Russian equipment valued at $25 million within one week, which included the Zoopark radar system. Additionally, the SSO reported the destruction of the Russian radar complex Zoopark-1 in the Donetsk sector.

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Look at these Kyivpost numbers.....

I mean really look at these amazing numbers...each once purging the world from russian evil. What an amazing service Ukraine provides greater humanity.

Hopefully permanently dismantled Russian troops

Russian scrap metal tanks

Russian scrap metal artillery

Russian scrap metal armed-vehicles

Russian scrap metal aircrafts

Russian scrap metal helicopters

Russian scrap metal ships

We must help Ukraine more in their courageous fight.