The HUR International Legion, which is made up of volunteers from more than 50 countries, celebrated its second anniversary on Thursday, March 7.

The International Legion gathers foreigners who’ve come to Ukraine’s aid in the wake of Russia’s ongoing full-scale invasion, which started Feb. 24, 2022.

Experienced fighters, special operations forces veterans, and other military units from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, and other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America are currently in the Legion, fighting for Ukraine.

 “The combat experience of representatives of different countries in the context of full-scale Russian aggression is being used to the maximum,” Andriy Yusov, a representative from Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR), told Kyiv Post.


He said that members of the Legion should be praised for the “high level of personal motivation” that brought them to Ukraine to fight, including in some of the most difficult places.

“Every soldier of the International Legion, returning home, communicates with his family and tells the truth about Russian aggression and Russian war crimes and the struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian invaders,” Yusov said.

Yusov said that the foreigners and Ukrainian fighters join the Legion to defend Ukraine, Europe, and democracy.

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EU Urged Not to Ease Up on Ukraine Aid After US Vote

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He said that they “risk their own lives defending justice and helping the Ukrainian people against the aggressor.”

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I'm proud of those who are usefully skilled and able to directly help Ukraine in its defence. Most those who joined allied militaries do so to serve a higher purpose.

What Ukraine fights for is about as clear cut honourable cause as I have ever seen in my many decades. These are courageous and principled people and while they are most definitely missed in our own societies, they know they serve a greater good in what they do now. 

Albeit certainly not these foreign volunteers' intent; their courage makes me view allied NATO leadership as weaker and unprincipled.

Godspeed all defenders of Democracy. Where ever you are, and in whatever you are doing as you defend a fellow democracies right to self determination.

You are remembered and revered. 

You bow to no one.