In times of war, culture holds even greater significance than in times of peace, President Volodymyr Zelensky said at the Taras Shevchenko National Prize ceremony in Kyiv on March 9.

During wartime, cultural figures are crucial as they narrate the story of Ukraine, preserve the memory of everything the Ukrainian people endure, reviving what gives people strength.

"In times of war – even more so than in times of peace – we must all remember the significance of culture. And people of culture matter. Everyone who speaks out for Ukraine. Who voices what's on their hearts. Who preserves everything we go through. Who revives what could have been forgotten but, renewed, gives people strength, gives emotions," said the President.

The Head of State said that Ukrainians have come a long way to become a nation, creators of their culture, state, and destiny.


"For a human community to become a nation and a state, the best characters in the country must have hearts that do not live only for themselves. Such hearts speak to those around them. They care. They teach – teach to understand. They unite. Protect. Save when necessary. And in the end, we all recognize each other, feel each other, feel that we are Ukrainians," said the Head of State.

According to Zelensky, this became possible not only thanks to the strength of our weapons but also to the strength of our people's hearts.

"In Mariupol, during the most terrifying days, there are those who understand: what they see, they must capture, preserve to later tell the whole world about it. Whether it's a person who doesn't want human memory to lose what was seen somewhere along the road to Bahmut or experienced in temporarily occupied Skadovsk. And who feels: they must record this, rhyme this moment, rhyme this pain. Or an artist who believes that the people of Ukraine, killed in this war, will be preserved in the emotions of those who are alive. And who speaks about it through their music. So that every living person in Ukraine remembers what this land is about, what its people are about, what thoughts the mother has, who is waiting for her son or daughter here, in Ukraine," said the President.

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Zelensky expressed gratitude to everyone who lives not only for themselves but also cares for people and the entire Ukrainian state.

"I thank you, I thank everyone who is now on the front lines and who is with those who are on the front lines. Those who are with Ukraine and cherish and develop it," Zelensky said.

Adapted from a post on President Zelensky’s official site. See the original here.

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Just a thought that if you stream any Ukrainian cultural content that should put royalties back in to the creators income stream. An article a few days ago indicated while most salaries in Ukraine had stayed relatively stable for those who remained in Ukraine, those in the more artistically creative fields had seen a huge cut to their income stream.

I've streamed a few Ukrainian shows including President Zelensky's own former comedic series "Servant of the People". It was hilarious and interestingly larges deals with his attempt to mitigate the national damage of former russia'esque corruption. I almost feel his life is manifesting the good intent of that fictional president.

I've also gone on a few Ukrainian musician binge listening sprees. Highly recommend sometimes featured on Kyipost artist Mari Cheek....melodic and fabulous vocals.

At times like these its useful to make even your entertainment choices count for something good.