Two Russian oil refineries in the Samara region, one in Syzran and another in Novokuibyshevsky, were targeted in an overnight drone attack early on Saturday, March 16th.

Reports indicate that a fire broke out at the Syzran refinery following a drone strike, scorching an area of approximately 500 square meters. 

Dmitry Azarov, the regional governor, confirmed the incident, stating that the oil processing facility was ablaze, but there were no casualties, as per Interfax.

Azarov further disclosed an attempted drone assault on the Novokuibyshevsky refinery, which, he claims, was thwarted. 

However, contrary claims from Baza suggest a fire did occur at the Novokuibyshevsky refinery, albeit swiftly extinguished, with no reported casualties.

"The safety and security of our region's facilities are of utmost priority," the Governor, said, issuing directives to relevant authorities and departments to ensure heightened protection measures.


These attacks mark a continued onslaught against Russian oil enterprises, with more than 15 incidents recorded since the start of the year. 

The Ukrainian robot planes aimed mostly at energy infrastructure and in some attack, struck hundreds of kilometres deep into Russia.

One of the most seriously hit targets appeared to be an oil refinery in the Ryazan region, more than 500 km inside Russia, where at least three Ukrainian explosives-toting drones crashed into the major oil-processing facility early on Wednesday morning, setting a major fire and injuring several people, officials said.

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Multiple videos recorded from the ground by Russian social media users showed a drone buzzing over an already-burning refinery at low altitude.

The consequences are dire, with critical infrastructure compromised, oil refining capacity dwindling, and concerns escalating regarding potential fuel shortages in the market. 

According to energy and geopolitics expert Tom O'Donnell, Ukrainian allies' oil price cap, in conjunction with Ukrainian drones' physical damage could be a significant hit to Russian revenues.


“First off, although these refineries hit by Ukrainian drones yesterday represent about 12 percent of Russian production, experience shows that they might not each be totally impaired from production. Nevertheless, there are two particularly significant implications for Russia,” O’Donnell said in an exclusive interview with Kyiv Post. 

“First, whatever percentage of Russian refined oil products this impairs, the damage will both deprive the war economy of needed export revenues and/or of much-needed fuels to keep the domestic war economy running.”

“Already, Russia had announced it will ban the export of gasoline from March 1 in order to tame prices for consumers in the runup to the presidential elections mid-month. In 2023 about 17 percent of Russian gasoline was exported,” he added. 

Wholesale gasoline prices have already surged to a six-month high, prompting the government to impose restrictions on fuel exports.

Bloomberg reports suggest that the raids in March have affected approximately 12% of the country's refining capacity.

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@you shameless - did not realize i posted this point

(@troll normally posing as "jack griffin regarding his message at bottom of this forum thread),

Thats a neat trick you MRGA trolls have in being able to block responses directly below your posts. Are you able to share how you do that or is it a trade secret?

At any rate I will just leave my response at this forum root level:


Ha….that's a good one troll jack. 

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'Good boy jack...who's a good boy?…..who's a good boy?'re the good boy jack. Now sit and stay, and someone will shortly bring you a treat.'
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@troll Jack IN THE SAME POD?, 

Awesome constructive criticism on my posts troll "Jack".

I don't understand what you mean by "don't own enough of myself" though. Could you explain? If I don't own all of me who does? Are we talking about me being controlled by your psychic powers ....thats so cool. Guess how many fingers I am holding up?

Also I missed the "fact" you had mentioned you had once posted....was that back in December or January? What was it again? I can't look it up as it appears your posts pre March were all deleted by the KyivPost's troll purge. Perhaps you lost your fact posting privileges after that?

I was going to ask as well if you trolls were shocked after pushing putinrump for president, that he recently said he would not spend a penny on Ukraine if elected. It's what most Ukraine supporters had deduced from his past putin lavishing statements, but it must had chapped your britches after working so hard here to convince us that only he could save Ukraine. 

Thanks for your patience. Write soon.
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Know what I find hilarious? You idiots don't own enough of yourselves. That you reply only indicates I control your worthless assess. You only continue to expose what arrogant idiots you truly are. Keep on replying. You're endless free entertainment. I post fact. You post delusional gibberish.
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The plan by Ukraine to attack oil refineries is a good plan. Russia's war machine will not run without oil and the less oil products Russia can sell reduces their income for war. I also see some countries, following France, are waking up to the fact if Russia is not stopped in Ukraine eventually they will be next. In my country the USA we, unfortunately, have traitors and people guilty of treason that are stopping aid to Ukraine from the USA. We have a real fight on our hands to save our own democracy. We have people that want a dictatorship in the USA and care nothing about the fact that historically hundred of thousands of Americans died in two world wars fighting for democracy against the forces of Fascism. The fight for freedom and democracy will be won or lost in Ukraine. We all must do what we can to make Ukraine win and thus win ourselves.

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@Lobo, Hey Loco Lobo, please allow me to attempt to educate you. Only 500,000 illegals crossed in to the United States during President-elect Trump's first term in office. The lowest in over 40 years. And most of those caught were deported.
Joe BRIBEn has allowed an invasion of over ten million illegal aliens by stopping all of President-elect Trump's constitutional executive actions.
Do you understand representative democracy? The Republicans are not traitors. 27 Senate Republicans voted for the some $110 billion total aid to Israel, Ukraine, and a third county I cannot remember at this time. This aid is contingent upon Joe BRIBEn securing the border.
Joe BRIBEn is the traitor Lobo. Had he kept the border secure, Ukraine would have already received the $61 billion.
Joe BRIBEn allowed this war to begin in the first place and has refused to give Ukraine the F15, F16, and A10 jets and the long range HIMARS and ATACMS missiles that would defeat Russia in months if not weeks.

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@LOCO troll Jack Griffin, Regarding your mixed up immigration facts let me leave you with this quote from the mouth of your own MAGA ilk Ron Desantis at his January 2nd, 2024 'town hall' presidential candidacy speech:

""Trump promised the largest deportations in history," DeSantis said Jan. 2 during a town hall hosted by Gray Television. "He deported less, believe it or not, than Barack Obama even did."

I don't care much for DeSantis proposed isolationist policies, but in the above immigration related quote he is not wrong. 

In Obama's first term his administration deported 1,607,500 without penalty and a further 1,568,189 were served with criminal records before deporting. In Obama's second term he deported 578,922 without penalty and a further 1,494,386 were served with criminal records before deporting. In contrast rump deported 598,882 without penalty and a further 1,196,497 were served with criminal records before deporting.

In total under Obama's 2 terms 5.3 million illegal immigrants were deported by his administration, compared to rumps 2 million in his single term. Immigrant rights advocates had dubbed Obama the "deporter-in-chief" . be continued….

Sadly President Biden's hands are presently tied to fix the border because putinrump told his House minions to block attempted fixes....what a putin rump
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very very good!
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I'm in a let russia burn mood today. Let them enjoy domestically the fruits of their crimes abroad....ash, rouble, gloom, despair and death.

As with most days, I started mine with gleaning news for across what I consider some of the less biased, credible western news sources (Reuters, APNEws, BBC). For USA news I sometimes go to NPR, PBS or perhaps NBC these days. CNN is dropping the ball lately on Ukraine coverage.

Sometimes I even go to FOX just to see what folks on the dark side of the moon are thinking. The latter's Ukraine coverage surprised and even moved me today. The torture of those in occupied areas; children stolen and brain washed; missile double taps in Odessa to wipe out emergency responders; allies finding harmony. All this covered on a network I rarely associate with caring about global affairs.

When even that network exposes russia as the vile nation it has become, that bodes well for future USA bipartisan support to Ukraine. I will take some solace in that. Crossing my fingers the USA will shortly start getting its needed aid to Ukraine.

2 years into this war 'putin's willing sheep in russia', you deserve the fate that await you. Ignorance, lethargy or inaction in thwarting your evil regime are far past being acceptable excuses to the outside world. This is a russia caused mess. You clean it up. You suffer the consequence.

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@John, You remind me of a statement that was framed and positioned on the wall next to the desk of one of the principle owners of a consulting civil engineering I worked for:
“Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from offering worldly evidence of that fact.”
You actually believe people take the time to read your blather? What an arrogant fool. And it sure looks like the Kyiv Post is allowing me to offer my intellectually honest posts.

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@JOHN THE LOON FROM CANADA JUST BLATHERS AWAY, Wanna see a real loon just look in the mirror. Every thing that John posted is the truth and since is really seemed to piss you off I can only conclude you maybe a Putin suck ass

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@Lobo, Hey Loco Lobo, by my reply above you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. You're an arrogant, shameless idiot no different than John the loon from Canada.
Know whats funny? By replying to me my "name" comes up. Thanks for the free advertising you room temperature IQ low information individual.
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What I enjoy most about you troll "jack" is that you are an easy MRGA fish to catch. I can type in just about anything and snag your time. Its great because a MRGA's time is essentially putin's money. The less money he has to spend on worse stuff the better. I've been reeling you in almost daily for at least 4 months. I've consumed at least a few weeks worth of your troll salary. Some days it even seems I might be getting on your nerves. I imagine you going on an angry drinking binge afterwards. It's hilarious.

At any rate I don't cost Ukraine or anyone else anything. I'll just happily use some spare time to tie up MRGA trolls here.

Now on a related topic, I would like to understand how MRGA trolls work:

1. Have you been feeling you have been having the desired impact here?
2. If not does it matter to your employer?
3. We don't see much original content or counter arguments from you (just childish insults). I thought that was part of a troll's mission?
4. Are there different ranks of trolls, and only the more senior ones get to add content?


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@John, Hey John the loon from Canada, I'll let you down softly. I don't waste a nanosecond of my life reading your crap. Do you still live in your mother's basement? Did you ever know your father? It does not seem as such.

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@troll Jack NEEDS TO TAKE UP STAMPing feet in tantrum,

Thats a weird self admission there troll Jack.

Based on the number of responses to my responses I would now say the 'nanoseconds' of attention you are giving Ukraine supporters has just cost your MRGA employer another hour or so of salary on this article alone...what with troll farm translation, editing reviews, supervisory approval...etc.

Has the effect been what they hoped for?

If you let us know how they measure your performance we will try to cut you some slack once in a while. Not enough for MRGA to have any real impact here, but perhaps a couple "oh troll jack you hurt my feelings so bad I'm not coming back" comments that you can then show to your bosses so you don't get accidentally suicided (which seems way to popular in russia these day.

You should also ask them if they could give you a presidential candidate to promote that has not already blown their KGB asset cover.
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Ukraine should keep wiping out russian refineries, russian aviation, russian military manufacturing, and causing unsurmaountable casualties to russians in the battlefield. Ukraine did nit attack anyone, it was attacked by putin the criminal. Now is time for russia to feel the pain it has caused on itself.
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This is my kind of election interference. How can any sane Russian vote for Puttid when the can’t fill their tank with gasoline?

you shameless idiots did not realize i posted this point
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@SOON THE ONLY GAS RUSSIA WILL HAVE IS THEIR FARTS, Know what's hilarious? I made this post on my iPhone past midnight, and John the loon from Canada did not know it was me. What a shameless idiot. You to Loco Lobo. I don't want to hurt your self-esteem.