A Republican US House of Representatives lawmaker says that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La) will floor a funding bill that includes more than $60 billion for Ukraine when the lower chamber of the legislature reconvenes on April 9.

Speaking to the “Face the Nation” television program on March 31, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) said that “the CIA director and Secretary of Defense…everybody has made it clear that we're at a critical juncture on the ground that is beginning to be able to impact not only the morale of the Ukrainians that fight but also their will to fight.”

Turner is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

It is unclear whether changes will be made to the bill passed by the Senate or whether the House will move forward with its own bill, with a different funding amount for Kyiv, before it is sent to President Joe Biden for approval or veto.

If the House passes its own bill it would cause funding legislation to have to be passed again in the US Senate before advancing to the President’s desk causing a significant delay in providing military aid to Ukraine.


Ukraine has been incrementally ceding ground to invading Russian forces as Kyiv’s weapons capacity is degrading due to a shortage of munitions, exacerbated by Capitol Hill’s delay.

“Russia maintains a significant quantitative advantage in the conflict, overmatching Ukraine in munitions and equipment numbers,” British Defense Intelligence posted to social media on March 30.

Eurotopics: Ukraine Aid - Turning Point in Washington Decisive for Kyiv?
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Eurotopics: Ukraine Aid - Turning Point in Washington Decisive for Kyiv?

After months of wrangling, the US House of Representatives has passed a legislative package for 61 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. Europe's press examines the implications of the decision.


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Comments (2)

jap sap
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Is it not interesting that animals take care another's young. A cat takes care of a puppy, a dog takes care of a kitten. What kind of low sub-human animal is Margorie Taylor Greene that she won't help Ukrainians save their children from Russians? Is her brain that of an animal at all, or something lower?

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I sure hope it works out, but Johnson is slippery, smelly fish very much aligned with the putinrump MRGA cult.

I just watched an interview he had done on Fox and found his swarmy fake smile and tone sickening. Proudly talking about even how with a very slim majority over Biden's party he was able to prevent almost all democrat proposals from passing. Nothing at all like a person who cared about a united nation.

 Nothing like a person who felt the majority of the nations voters who voted for Biden deserved any accommodation.

It's been months that he single hardly and intentially, stalled any Ukraine aid bill....using every trick in the book. Like putinrump and the MGRA cult, he cares ZERO for Ukraine.

Still there is hope if his arm can somehow be twisted far enough for him to finally allow a Ukraine aid bill to be voted on. A bipartisan democrat majority and republican minority can pass a package that includes Ukraine aid. 

What worries me is he mentioned 3 possible Ukraine aid bills (I'm aware of only two), and I guarantee 2 of these will not be as good as the one the bipartisan US senate passed months ago.

Crossing my fingers and wishing the best outcome for Ukraine.

David Steel
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@John, Johnson is enjoying his short moment of fame and making the most of the fact that for now he is one of the most important people in the world.

As soon as he allows the vote the rest of the world will forget his name and within the US others will make sure he never holds the levers of power again.

What will he tell his grandchildren about his incredible time in the spotlight? Firstly, that he had to steal it, he only gained notoriety when he blocked the vote. Secondly that his thirst for fame came at the cost of thousands of Ukrainian lives, innocent children among them.

A shameful legacy.