Following heavy losses in its Ukraine invasion, Russia has begun to transfer personnel from the Russian Pacific Fleet and the 11th Air Force and Air Defense Army, Ukraine's military intelligence service (НUR) stated in a Telegram post.

These Russian military formations have not yet been directly involved in hostilities against Ukraine.

“According to the decision of the Commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet Viktor Liina, rotations to Syria have been completely stopped, and all personnel are being sent to the combat zone on the territory of Ukraine,”  Ukrainian intelligence said.

“We are talking about 2,000 Russian servicemen from the Primorsky and Kamchatka Territories of the Russian Federation.”

In addition, about 400 soldiers from the military units of the 11th Air Force and Air Defense Army from Russia’s eastern region of Khabarovsk have been sent to Ukraine to replenish the 155th and 40th Marine Brigades of Russia, which are short-staffed due to heavy losses, HUR stated.


“Part of the personnel from the military formations of the Russian Far East will join the new motorized rifle brigade of the aggressor state, which is being formed in Voronezh.”

An average of 913 Russian soldiers killed each day of March

Meanwhile, according to the UK’s April 7 Defence intelligence update, on average, 913 Russians were killed in Ukraine in March 2024.

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Ukraine Navy: Missile Strikes Sinking One Russian Warship Confirmed, Second Probable

Russian milbloggers seem convinced it was American ATACMS missiles. If it was it means Washington has handed over top-end, harder-hitting models of the weapon.

This is, in fact, a reduction of 74 losses per day over the previous month, when the Russians attacked the Ukrainian stronghold Avdiivka in so-called “meat assaults,” wherein they rely on mass to sustain pressure on the Ukrainian front lines.

Ukrainian partisans say that Russians are purposely injuring themselves  - (Headline H2)

Meanwhile, according to partisans from the Ukrainian underground group, National Resistance Center (CNR), a growing number of Russian fighters see “million-dollar wounds” – that is, being wounded just enough to get home but not enough to be permanently crippled – as their best avenue for returning home.


“In this way, there is a chance to return to the places of permanent deployment, and then, if they are lucky, to escape. There are no other options to get a ‘vacation’ and see your family,” the CNR press service said.

The CNR’s press service claimed that a Russian soldier serving in the occupied territories of Ukraine described Russian casualties to them.

“He said that near every location of their troops, they have to set up burial grounds where they dump the bodies of their dead.”

According to the Ukrainian partisans, the Russian soldier said there were at least a thousand bodies buried in a single burial ground that he had helped prepare.

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