Telegram messenger blocked the official information bot of Ukraine’s Military Intelligence (HUR), in what has been described as an unwarranted move by the platform.

The blocking of the information bot was announced on Telegram, and the HUR official channel reported that the decision contradicted Telegram’s own rules and public statements.

“However, we warn you that the enemy creates bots with similar names. Do not send any personal information to them. We are already restoring the bot’s operation on other platforms,” the HUR’s official Telegram channel message reads.

According to Ukraine’s Intel, the blocking also affected several other official bots aimed at countering Russian aggression against Ukraine.


These included bots operated by armed units, government agencies, and volunteer organizations.

Among those affected were the eVorog bot from the Ministry of Digital Development, the official bot of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), a coordinator bot from southern Ukraine, and an air defense bot for tracking suicide bombers.

The main intelligence bot served as the official communication channel for residents of Ukraine's temporarily occupied territories, as well as concerned citizens wanting to report on the occupation regime.

It connected users with the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, providing valuable information to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, such as the movement of occupying troops and the accumulation of equipment.

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Humanizing the Enemy: In Pursuit of ‘Good’ Russians

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Despite the blocking, HUR assured users that their data remained safe. However, they cautioned against similar-looking bots created by adversaries, advising against sharing personal information with them.

The move by Telegram has sparked concerns over the platform’s commitment to its own stated principles, with the blocking of these bots seen as a hindrance to efforts to counter Russian aggression in the region.

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