This Friday, The Big Meet is hosting an evening of networking and connection at Lunca with proceeds going to the Nor Dog Animal Rescue project. Additionally, they are promoting their new partnership with Language Lab to help expatriates become proficient Ukrainian.

In preparation for the event, Kyiv Post met with The Big Meet’s Olga Kearly, the owner and organizer-in-chief, and discussed how the Nor Dog Animal Rescue project is working to rescue Ukraine’s furred and feathered residents at risk in the Kremlin’s ongoing invasion.

She also told us how, in addition to providing Kyiv’s #1 networking event The Big Meet is now working with Language Lab to help expats residing here who want to make the switch from the Russian language to Ukrainian.


For immediate information about attending the event, look in the link here.

Can you tell us more about The Big Meet event happening at Lunca? What can attendees expect from this event?

The Big Meet event at Lunca, taking place on May 24 from 6:30 p.m. in the lovely inside yard of Lunka on Yaroslaviv Val street, right in the heart of our beautiful Kyiv, is more than just a social gathering. It’s a celebration of connections and a platform for positive impact. Attendees can enjoy the good weather, and the beautiful surroundings and make meaningful connections.

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We’re also thrilled to announce that attendees will have the chance to win prizes from our new partner, Language Lab. Plus, your participation will help support a great cause. A percentage of the proceeds from the event will go towards Nor Dog Animal Rescue, which is dedicated to evacuating and rehoming animals at risk. Your support will make a real difference in their mission.

Can you share more details about your support and donation to Nor Dog Animal Rescue and how attendees can contribute to this cause?


The volunteers from Nor Dog, hailing from Norway, Ukraine, and Switzerland, are on the front lines, working tirelessly to save the lives of pets left behind near Vovchansk in the Kharkiv region, amidst the challenging circumstances brought by the advance of Russian forces. We believe in their cause and want to extend our support.

Attendees can contribute to this cause by joining us at The Big Meet event and bringing their friends and colleagues along. Every Hr.100 from the entrance fee will directly support Nor Dog Animal Rescue’s efforts. It’s a small step that can make a big difference in the lives of these vulnerable animals.

Why does The Big Meet prioritize supporting charities that rescue animals from war zones, and how do you choose which charities to support at each event?

Supporting organizations that rescue animals from war zones is crucial because it reflects our broader commitment to compassion and empathy. These organizations not only save lives but also alleviate suffering and provide hope amidst challenging circumstances. Animals, like humans, deserve protection and care, especially during times of conflict when they are often left vulnerable and abandoned.


At our events, we prioritize supporting a diverse range of charities, each addressing pressing needs in our community and beyond. By rotating our support to different causes, we aim to create a meaningful impact across various sectors, fostering a culture of generosity and social responsibility among our attendees.

You mentioned a new partnership with Language Lab. Could you elaborate on this partnership and how it will benefit the expat community?

We’re really excited about our partnership with Language Lab! It’s been amazing to see some of our friends already diving into Ukrainian with them. Especially now, with the ongoing situation, we feel it’s so important for expats to learn Ukrainian. Many are making the admirable switch from Russian, and Language Lab’s approach makes it engaging and accessible. Plus, they also offer a free Ukrainian language course for volunteers, ideal for those who support Ukraine during these challenging times of war and are committed to learning.


And let’s be honest, Duolingo’s owl staring us down can be a bit intimidating, so we’re looking forward to seeing more of our community embrace this opportunity!

Can you describe the venue for the event? What makes the cozy inside yard of Lunka on Yaroslaviv Val street a special location for this gathering?

Lunca was a thoughtful selection for our event venue. Originally opening in 2015 as Kherson’s first and most renowned speakeasy, it operated until its premises were taken over by the Russian military. In spring 2023, the founders, bartenders, and chefs regrouped to establish a new location in Kyiv. Today, Lunca stands as a bar with a charming courtyard in the heart of Kyiv, warmly welcoming guests.

This isn’t our first event at Lunca; we’ve had successful gatherings here before. We are proud to support this establishment and want more and more people to discover and appreciate this unique place. The courtyard at Lunka is simply amazing, adding to the charm and special ambiance of our gatherings.

Kearly also told Kyiv Post that readers and participants can stay informed about future events by following The Big Meet via its Facebook page and on Instagram.


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