The death toll in Kharkiv following massive Russian missile strikes on Thursday, May 23, has risen to seven, according to a Telegram post by Oleh Synegubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration (OVA).

“According to updated information, as of now—seven dead,” Synegubov reported.

Russian forces targeted the Kholodnohirsky and Osnovyansky districts of Kharkiv and the settlement of Lubotyn. Several sites were hit, including a printing company.

Earlier, Synegubov reported six deaths from the shelling of a civilian enterprise in Kharkiv.

“There are no military facilities here or nearby. At the time of the attack, more than 50 workers were on the territory of the enterprise,” he wrote.

The Russian army launched at least 15 strikes on the city, with S-300 missiles identified as the weapons used. The number of wounded currently stands at 16.


Search operations and the aftermath of the attack are ongoing, with all relevant services working on the ground.

President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the attack, saying, “Extremely brutal Russian attack against Kharkiv and Lubotyn—according to preliminary data, 15 missiles at once.”

He stressed that the Russians are exploiting Ukraine’s lack of sufficient anti-aircraft defense and the inability to destroy Russian launchers near the Ukrainian border.

“This weakness is not our weakness, but the world’s, which for the third year has not dared to treat terrorists exactly as they deserve,” Zelensky said.

Kharkiv Residential Area Bombed, at Least 3 Dead and 37 Wounded
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Kharkiv Residential Area Bombed, at Least 3 Dead and 37 Wounded

A residential area in Ukraine's second largest was hit by four Russian glide bombs launched from Belgorod.

He added that terror must be defeated everywhere—"under any conditions, on any continent.” Zelensky urged global leaders to show more determination, emphasizing the collective duty to protect life from terror.

“We need more determination, and it must come from the leaders of the world,” he said.

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