In his address to world leaders, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Russian troops are preparing an offensive 90 kilometers northwest of Kharkiv.

He published a video shot at the Vivat printing house in Kharkiv - one of the largest printing enterprises in Europe, which was recently destroyed by a Russian attack.

As the Kyiv Post reported earlier, Zelensky visited Kharkiv, where he recorded a video message at the Vivat printing house. The printing house was targeted by Russian missiles on May 23, resulting in seven fatalities, over 20 injuries, and the destruction of 50,000 publications.

“Just now, these days, we are defending ourselves 60 kilometers northeast of this place against another attempt of a Russian offensive,” Zelensky said.


He revealed that the Kremlin is gathering a new group of troops near the border with Ukraine. “Russia is preparing to attempt offensive actions, and 90 kilometers from here to the northwest of Kharkiv, another group of troops is gathering near our border,” Zelensky said.

“Whoever does all this does not want peace,” he added.

As early as May 10, the Russian military began an offensive in the northern part of the Kharkiv region. The most active battles are currently ongoing in Vovchansk and nearby settlements.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), Oleksandr Syrsky, reported that the Russian military “bogged down” in street fighting in Vovchansk. The General Staff also reported that the offensive of Russian troops in the northern Kharkiv region had stopped.

Russian Missile Wounds 3, Sparks Warehouse Blaze in Odesa
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Russian Missile Wounds 3, Sparks Warehouse Blaze in Odesa

A Russian cruise missile hit a warehouse in the southern port city of Odesa, sparking a fire over thousands of square metres (yards), Ukrainian officials said on Monday.

Zelensky’s visit coincided with another Russian strike in Kharkiv on May 25, targeting the Epicenter construction hypermarket and resulting in 16 fatalities and 45 injuries.

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