Military targets on the territory of Russia may soon come under fire from Western weapons systems as with each passing day more countries say they are disposed to allow Ukraine to use their weapons against military targets in Russia.

Which countries will allow cross-border use of their weapons?

The message from Ukraine that it must be given authority to use donated weapons to attack military targets in Russia seems to be getting through at last. Initially the UK, Sweden, Finland, the Baltic countries, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Canada sent out signals that that they did not oppose the use of their weapons against Russian territory.

It is reported by a source who spoke to Politico that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has now changed his position and supports the idea of allowing Ukraine to use Western weapons for strikes on Russian territory, with some provisos.


As recently as May 28, Scholz stated that he saw no reason to remove the limits placed on the use of Western weapons by Ukraine, saying his policy towards the war was “preventing it from escalating into a very large war.”

Someone familiar with the German government's position also said that Scholz was now in favor of allowing the use of Western weapons against targets inside Russia, without going into detail.

“I find it strange,” Scholz told reporters on Tuesday, “when some people have discussions and say that they [the Ukrainians] are not allowed to defend themselves and take measures that are suitable for this.”

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Though Ukraine’s membership was not on the agenda, NATO pledged long-term aid for Ukraine even as future US continued participation in the Alliance remains uncertain.

He then went on to say that Ukraine can defend itself “within the framework of international law,” while French President Emmanuel Macron stated that Kyiv can “neutralize” all targets in Russia from which missiles are launched.

Ukraine has also sent a request to the US asking it to release the limits placed on using its weapons against Russia. Western media reports that President Joe Biden is becoming more likely to agree to the request in response to China's supply of advanced technologies to Russia.


Іn a very carefully couched statement, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken opened the door to the possibility, on Wednesday, that the standing US policy that its weapons were not to be used on Russian territory could be “adjusted” in the future.

Speaking to reporters in Moldova before joining other foreign ministers in Prague for a NATO meeting, he said, “As the conditions have changed, as the battlefield has changed, as what Russia does has changed in terms of how it’s pursuing its aggression [and] escalation, we’ve adapted and adjusted.”

Asked if he was supporting a change, Blinken was quoted by AFP as saying, “At every step along the way we’ve adapted and adjusted as necessary. And so that’s exactly what we’ll do going forward.”

In the declaration adopted by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly at the end of the spring session in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 27, there was a call to lift the restrictions on Ukraine’s use of Western weapons. This stated that Ukraine's right to self-defense, includes the entitlement to strike legitimate targets outside its country.


France, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, the US, and the United Kingdom supported the decision. Italy initially opposed the resolution but ultimately supported the document. Hungary and one of the deputies from “Alternative for Germany” abstained.

“Ukraine can only defend itself if it is able to attack Russian supply lines and Russian bases. It is time to recognize this reality and allow Ukraine to do what it must. NATO will be significantly weakened and lose credibility if we continue to provide half-measures," stated the assembly President, Poland’s Michał Szczerba.

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