In Ukhta, in the Russian Republic of Komi, a fire broke out at a local oil refinery owned by Lukoil, following a series of explosions, as reported by the Russian Telegram channels.

The fire started on Sunday, June 2.

“According to eyewitnesses, before the fire, they heard several explosions in the area of the oil refinery. A column of smoke was soon seen there,” Baza Telegram channel wrote.

Telegram channel 112 reported that the oil refinery in Ukhta is part of the Russian Lukoil corporation. The Ukhta Oil Refinery is a large enterprise located in the Republic of Komi and is considered the oldest oil refinery in Russia, established in 1933 according to open sources. It is a 100% subsidiary of Lukoil.

According to the 112 Telegram channel, two people died as a result of the fire, and four more victims were taken to the hospital with poisoning from combustion products and burns.


“Previously, the men were working on one of the tanks,” the report said.

Preliminary information indicates that the flash occurred inside the RVS-10000 tank, which is now being cooled, and firefighters are preparing to carry out a “foam attack.” The roof of the tank is partially destroyed.

At the same time, Russian media reported that the possibility of a UAV attack is not being considered.

In January, Kyiv launched a campaign to undermine Kremlin overseas earnings, interrupt supplies to its military, and spike consumer prices inside Russia using regular attacks on fuel refineries and storage sites.

SBU Drones Hit Oil Depot in Russia’s Rostov Region, Sources Say
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SBU Drones Hit Oil Depot in Russia’s Rostov Region, Sources Say

Sources told Kyiv Post that various brands of gasoline and diesel fuel with a total volume of 12.5 thousand cubic meters were stored there.

The strikes have reached deep into Russia and, according to international business news agencies, reduced Russian refined fuel production by 12-14 percent.

A combined Ukrainian strike with long-range kamikaze drones and modified anti-ship missiles hit an oil and fuel storage facility in the Russian port city of Kavkaz early on Friday, May 31, setting at least three fuel reservoirs alight.

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