According to a press release issued on Oct. 30 by Hope For Ukraine (HFU), since full scale war broke out in Ukraine it has been working around the clock to solve food shortages in the war torn country offering support and supplies to its population.

According to the statement, ss the war drags on, HFU is actively engaged in a variety of relief efforts, including offering medical support for the wounded, food to the parts of Ukraine where they are experiencing shortages, and resettlement and education for families that have lost everything because of the war.

“The war is not over and the situation on the ground gets worse each day,” says HFU founder, Yuriy Boyechko. “People in Ukraine need food and basic necessities.”

Because of the tremendous support received over the past 7 months, HFU has been able to deliver 36 million meals in Ukraine. In addition, they have provided hundreds of first aid kits to the front lines, medical supplies to 18 hospitals, housing and medical attention for 1300 refugees, clothing and hygiene products to over 52,000 individuals, groceries to 170,000 individuals and much more. In addition, relief teams on the ground have successfully engaged in over a dozen rescue missions to extract civilians from the war zone.


According to the press release, HFU has been working in Ukraine since 2016 and has the largest volunteer network in the country, covering every region with over 100 volunteers. HFU’s wide variety of initiatives including the Refugees Project, Medical Support Project and A Child’s Smile Project, helping children who are HIV+.

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Ukraine Will Receive US Aid, Well-Known Republicans in Kyiv Assure

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Adds Boyechko, “We are improving life, one breath at a time. You can count on our organization to bring hope to many hopeless situations in the Ukraine. It’s with your help that we can make a difference.”

Hope For Ukraine Inc. is a New Jersey-based 501(c)(3) whose purpose is to serve individuals and families of the poorest communities in Ukraine, and provide support and rehabilitation for wounded soldiers that return home from the Eastern Ukraine conflict zone. Hope For Ukraine is dedicated to improving the quality of life of poor children and youth by providing basic necessities, critical benefits and services, programs that support long-term development and opportunities that prepare them for success.


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