As a result of damage caused to networks and equipment, the Ukrainian capital continues to experience the most difficult situation with having an electricity supply in Ukraine: 60 percent of transformers in Kyiv were destroyed by the Russian attacks, Serhiy Kovalenko, the CEO of energy supplier company YASNO, has said.

"Today, the supply situation in Kyiv is the most difficult in the country. There are areas supplied with electricity for about five hours a day. There are those who have electricity for two or three hours a day. And there are those who have been without electricity at all since the last shelling," Kovalenko said. "Could it get worse? Yes, if we are shelled again. More precisely, if the remaining 40 percent of the nodes are damaged," he added.

Kovalenko also explained that the power lines in Kyiv are not linear and not always logical in terms of the map of the city and its districts, which is why power engineers are working on new schemes for  re-powering the city using available equipment.

In the meantime, the head of Kyiv City Military Administration, Serhiy Popko explained, that the main problem is not power generation, but power delivery.  

Therefore, as a result of destroyed energy networks, the majority of Kyiv residents are unable to receive light in their homes.

"There are still emergency power outages, the duration of which cannot be regulated. Power engineers, repair teams and utilities teams are working around the clock to restore the damaged power system," Popko reported.

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The situation will improve once the repair works are completed and the re-energization scheme is launched, he added.

Russia carried out its latest attack on Kyiv’s energy infrastructure on Dec. 19. Twenty-three Kamikaze drones were launched against the Ukrainian power grid, and five reached their targets.

Shortly after the attack, Kyiv residents were cut off from heating and lighting, and there were interruptions in the water supply.

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