Another prisoner exchange took place on Oct. 11 as a result of which 32 Ukrainian servicemen were released and the body of Israeli Dmytry Fialka was returned, head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak said.

“Our houses. Another prisoner exchange has been held today. We managed to free 32 of our soldiers and return the body of the Israeli Dmytry Fialka. Among those released are officers, sergeants and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All of them were in places where the brutal fighting continued. Many of these people were considered missing,” he wrote on Facebook.

Yermak noted that the deceased Israeli  had been living in Ukraine for the last two years, working as a children’s football coach at the Dynamo club (Lviv).


“He fought for Ukraine, it was here that he met his love – a girl with whom they had children. He went to the front as a volunteer,” he said.

The released are now undergoing a medical examination, after which they will recover and see their relatives.

“We are bringing people back. And we will return everyone. We will fight for every Ukrainian. After all, our people are our most valuable treasure. And we will win. There is no doubt about it. Glory to Ukraine. Heroes are back home,” Yermak wrote.

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