Another stage of information terrorism carried out by the Russian Federation to persuade Ukraine to negotiate on the Kremlin’s terms is the dissemination of information in Western mass media about Russia’s nuclear attack preparations against Ukraine, Ukraine’s Center for Combating Disinformation reported.

The Center used an article from the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, which cited sources to discuss the Russian president’s “orders to send a nuclear military train to Ukraine,” according to an article in the British daily newspaper The Times.

There are also numerous videos on social networking site Twitter about the effects of a nuclear strike on Ukraine which might place Ukraine under some pressure.

According to the Center, there is a high likelihood that the Russian Federation (RF) will carry out various forms of provocations to step up its nuclear blackmail. 


Numerous government officials, propagandists, and the head of the RF have made suggestions that nuclear weapons may be used by the country. President Putin gave the order for the nuclear forces to be placed on exclusive combat duty at the very start of the full-scale invasion.

The RF has received repeated warnings from the U.S. and the EU about the dire consequences and the United States has significantly increased its monitoring of Russia’s nuclear weapons, according to reputable sources like “Politico.” Still the U.S. believes the likelihood of an attack is remote, but possible.

Russian UAVs Again Enter NATO Airspace During Drone Attack on Ukraine
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Russian UAVs Again Enter NATO Airspace During Drone Attack on Ukraine

Ukrainian air defenses shot down 25 of 38 Russian Shaheds, while three drones again strayed into NATO member Romania.

President Zelensky, on the other hand, does not rule out such a circumstance, “I don’t believe he’s bluffing.”

Zelensky suggested that Putin’s nuclear threats might materialize, and Ukrainian intelligence places a very high value on the possibility of a Russian tactical nuclear attack.

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