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EXCLUSIVE War in Ukraine

Russian Wagner POWs Confronted

Kyiv Post correspondent asks Russian Wagner POWs why they came to kill Ukrainians and how they have been treated by their captors.

Kyiv Post gets rare access to extended interviews of prisoners of war from the Wagner group – Mercenary fighters claim their intentions were good and that fighting in Ukraine is morally justified. All were taken prisoner around Bakhmut in January. According to their accounts, attacking Wagner units are suffering 80 percent casualties.

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Francis Sengier
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Well clothed, not in pain, well fed these Russian soldiers, ex-convicts or not, show little remorse. They admit 70-80% of Russians (adults) believe what their oligarchs tell them and say nothing about the 'Nazis' that fought them, captured them and treated them with kindness that I doubt they experienced even in the Russian prisons in which they were incarcerated.