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Drones War in Ukraine Armed Forces of Ukraine

How Cheap Hobby Drones Became One of Ukraine’s Most Vital Weapons

Single FPV drones worth $260 have been taking out Russian tanks worth millions of dollars. Ukraine's armed forces need more and one man has a plan to make that happen.

Ukraine’s ever-escalating drone race with Russia is reaching a critical stage and a low-tech $260 hobby drone has become one of the most vital weapons in the war.

In this new Kyiv Post video, hear about how individual FPV drones flown by Ukrainian pilots are being used to destroy Russian vehicles worth millions of dollars.

But it’s not all good news for Kyiv’s armed forces – Russia is also using them and has been far more effective at setting up factories to construct them as well as obtaining the necessary parts from China.

That’s why Oleksii Asanov, a Ukrainian volunteer and co-founder of KazhanFLY, has set up ‘Social Drone UA’, a project he hopes will recruit people from around the world to build FPV drones and send them to Ukraine’s troops on the frontlines.

“If we had millions of drones and thousands of professional pilots, we would win this war very fast,” Asanov says.

Watch the video above for more and visit Social Drone UA.

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Walter Rywak
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"Even the United States, having spent almost US$50bn – roughly the annual size of the UK’s defense budget – are spending less than five per cent of their defense budget helping Ukraine. Less than five per cent, to degrade a peer adversary. We won’t see any near that level of return if and when the west has to confront an increasingly assertive and aggressive China.

Ukraine’s ability to degrade Russia at pace and scale is a once in a lifetime opportunity to ensure peace once again returns to Europe, and we must now press home this advantage over the coming winter months and into next year. " --Robert Clark is the Director of the Defence and Security Unit at Civitas. Prior to this he served in the British Army.

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@Walter Rywak,
100% agree with your article.
Irrespective of military aid to date the Western countries are essentially forcing Ukraine to fight with 'one arm tied behind its back:if not also one leg' ?? Give Ukraine the tools to do job inc modern jets and missiles such as ATACMs and Taurus ??...
Ukraine has proven it learns quickly in its fight for a democratic future and its survival against autocratic kleptocracy Russia??
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take out putin's place in Sochi
Pat Frankewicz
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Keep up the great work Ukraine! And I fully support the Social Drone UA Program. Darn, your soldiers/sailors/marines/airmen are re-writing the book on modern warfare. Toss out your copy of Sun Tzu's, "The Art of War"... Ukraine has become the new authority on how to kick butt via creativeness and applied leverage.
Wael Faraj
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Remember that although money and arms do play a big role in a war but there is something that money alone and military power can not necessarily bring into life and that is the goodwill to live and evolve ...

Sing the song of freedom
And allow life to be
created to all you and me
Liberty coming above the sea ,
Know the truth to set you free
It is a better world for all to see
Being reborn again is a key ...