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Putin is a "Small Pathetic Man" Who Needs More Wars to Survive

American-born businessman Bill Browder, author of the Magnitsky Act that has been sanctioning Russian officials in 2016, has also authored two best-selling books: Red Notice and Freezing Order.

Apr. 26

Pulling no punches, Browder explains the "psychopathy" and "depravity" that make up the character of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. What motivates the Russian autocrat? Browder argues that "Putin is a little man, who has stolen too much money, who is terrified of losing power. If he loses power he will go to jail, lose his money, and die. So you've this little money who is scared of losing his life. So what [does Putin] do?" He creates "a foreign enemy. That is what the Ukrainian invasion is all about."

Browder warns that despite heroic efforts: Ukraine can still lose the war if the West backs away from its commitments to the besieged nation. What would come next? Browder argues that Putin cannot back down or not begin an invasion of Europe: Putin's ability to survive, having stolen hundreds of billions from his own people, depends on him being able to portray himself as a war president keeping his nation safe.

Browder's gripping interview lays bare how sick the Putin Regime really is while highlighting the clear-and-present threat it poses to the collective West.