2024 will be a tough year. Just look at my recent post outlining my outlook on this year’s geopolitical issues. And now that we have the results from Iowa, it’s clear that Donald Trump will be on the ballot this November.

Yet, as I have been considering the results from Iowa this week, a clear narrative has emerged regarding Trump's bid for re-election. I had figured this would be the case, but now we have data to back it up: Trump faces a challenging path to victory, marked by a lack of broad support within his own party and especially among independent voters.

The Iowa caucuses have traditionally been a barometer for presidential campaigns, offering early insights into a candidate's appeal and organizational strength. Although Trump won the state with about 51% of the vote, his margin of victory in Iowa is somewhat misleading.


The turnout figures tell a story of deep-seated division and lack of widespread enthusiasm. Trump's campaign hoped to assert a strong mandate from these caucuses. Instead, they managed to mobilize only about 15% of the electorate.

This turnout comprises the roughly 8% of staunch Trump supporters, but it's crucial to note that it also includes the roughly half of Iowa Republican caucus-goers who voted against Trump's candidacy.

To fully understand the implications of the Iowa results, we need to consider them within the broader context of recent elections. The 2020 presidential election, along with the 2022 midterms and various 2023 races, point to a consistent pattern: Trump and the MAGA Coalition's inability to mobilize Republican voters on a large scale, let alone sway independent voters.

In Their Own Words
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In Their Own Words

The words of Russia’s own propagandists need to be taken as statements of intent rather than rhetorical hyperbole. They also show how they need the West’s ambivalence to win.

Let’s not forget that in 2020, Trump lost by over 7 million popular votes and by a significant margin in the Electoral College, with Georgia voting for a Democrat for the first time since 1992.

A critical aspect of Trump's dwindling electoral prospects is his relationship with the broader Republican Party. While he has solidified his grip on the MAGA base, this has come at the cost of eroding his support among the broader Republican establishment.


There's an observable rift within the party, with many Republicans distancing themselves from Trump's brand of politics. Although we are now seeing gutless Republican politicians being forced to endorse Trump against their wishes, Mitch McConnell and other Senate leaders have thus far refused to support him.

This internal party division is a significant hurdle for Trump, as it hampers his ability to present a united front and mobilize the party's full electoral power, which he will need to overcome his extreme unpopularity among independents.

Independent voters often play a decisive role in general elections, swaying the results in closely contested states. Trump's polarizing style, the controversies surrounding his presidency, and his numerous criminal offences have further alienated this crucial demographic. His appeal to independents appears to be diminishing, a trend that I predict will be catastrophic for his general election prospects.

In conclusion, the early indicators, historical trends, and current political dynamics suggest to me that Trump faces an uphill battle in the 2024 presidential election. His campaign will need to overcome significant challenges in uniting the Republican base, appealing to independents, and mobilizing voter turnout in a way he could not do in Iowa.


Without a substantial shift in strategy and public perception, Trump's chances of securing a victory seem increasingly remote. Despite everything I have said thus far, it will still require all our collective efforts to make sure Trump is denied another term. I look forward to working with you all over the next eleven months to defend our democracy.

Reprinted from Alexander Vindman ‘s blog Why It Matters.  See the original here.

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