Friends, It has been 459 days since the U.S. Congress passed legislation to support Ukraine. 

Russia, supported by arms from Iran and North Korea, is now slowly advancing on the front, bombing front-line cities, and sending scores of missiles and drones at cities throughout Ukraine.  Russia has recently destroyed one major Ukrainian hydroelectrical facility, and as write is targeting two others.  The aim is to bring down the Ukrainian electricity grid.

The U.S. Congress is once again in recess.  Although sizable majorities of Americans and their elected representatives want to support Ukraine, legislation has been blocked by the Putinist wing of the House of Representatives.

What can we do?  In the long run, we can recognize that this is all one struggle.  The war the Ukrainians face every day is the most devastating element of a coordinated effort to bring down democracies.  In the short run, U.S. voters can make phone calls to make sure that American does the right thing.  Mark your calendar for a day next week and a day following week to call your Congressional representative. 


Right now we can make donations that will help Ukrainians defend themselves, survive, and make sense their experience for the rest of us. 

1.  Safe Skies.  This is passive drone-detection system that allows Ukrainians to detect drones and cruise missiles in time to shoot them down.  President Zelens'kyi just posted some photos of that end of the operation.  Thanks to thousands of people, including many of you here, I was able (with support from some great historian colleagues) to raise enough money to protect eight Ukrainian regions with five thousand sensors (map here).  Ukraine needs 12,000 total sensors to protect the entire country, so 7,000 more.  The technology is inexpensive and effective.  I have seen it at work.  It saves lives.  This is a very direct way that you can help Ukrainians protect themselves.  Just go to this page and hit the button "Protect Ukrainian Skies." 

US House Speaker on Moving Ukraine Bill Forward: ‘I’m Doing Here What I Believe to be the Right Thing’
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US House Speaker on Moving Ukraine Bill Forward: ‘I’m Doing Here What I Believe to be the Right Thing’

House Speaker Mike Johnson is set to move forward with the Ukraine bill after it's been stalled in Congress for months due to a split within the Republican party over Ukraine.

2.  Razom for Ukraine.  This is an American 501(c)3 that carries out important policy advocacy work in Washington DC and around the country.  Aside from their terrific advocate team, they have a large group of volunteers who work tirelessly with Ukrainian NGOs to deliver aid and supplies to Ukraine.  I have worked together with their great team on events for years and am always filled with admiration of their energy, efficacy, and devotion.  A donation to them is a very safe bet.  Please visit their page and donate.

3.  Come Back Alive Foundation.  More and more I hear from people who wish to help the Ukrainian army directly.  A Ukrainian NGO that supplies soldiers on the front with what they need is Come Back Alive.  They have been doing this job since the first Russian invasion and are very well reputed and highly reliable.  You can see their fundraisers here.

4.  1 Team 1 Fight Foundation.  This is a group with some very active European volunteers who have shown their mettle and devotion in getting supplies to the front in Ukraine.  They are also an American 501(c)3.  You can find their campaigns here.


5.  Liberty Ukraine Foundation.  Here we have a small group of (mostly) Texans who have done a great job in delivering humanitarian and military aid to Ukrainians.  You can find their current projects here.  They are a US 501(c)3.

6.  Documenting Ukraine.  As many of you will know, I helped establish this project to support Ukrainian scholars, journalists, writers, artists, photographers, librarians, archivists, and others who are documenting the war, each according to their own talents and following their own projects.  We have given grants to 360 Ukrainians at this point, and are aiming for 500 by the end of the year.  (One of those 360 was Mstyslav Chernov, the director of 20 Days in Mariupol, which just won an Oscar).  I am proud of this effort to give Ukrainians a voice and to create a record of the war in real time and across multiple media.  You can donate here.  This is also a US 501(c)3.

It has been six months since meaningful U.S. aid has reached Ukraine.  You now have a list of six institutions that can help. 


Think of this as the Challenge of Six. 

I am now going to make donations myself.  If you want to join in, please do! Maybe you have give $6, or $60, or even $600? Or another round number that begins with 6? Be creative. Be generous. It matters.

Thank you!

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I'm going to donate $666 so the Kremlin can choke on its own bile about how Satanist I am. :P
Slava Ukraini! and thank you Timothy Snyder! Whenever you say something about this, it's always worth hearing. Keep it up!
Andrew Lockett
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Wild Hornets Drone campaign still going? I also haven't heard much about the NBU aid for the front lines, wondering if this is effective method or not?
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Great advise on harassing your political representatives to do more. The calls and letters you send them definitely set the tone / direction in their office, even if that representative does not field them all directly themselves. The charitable options noted also seem worthy.....make your donations count....not all charities are effective in Ukraine.

I have donated to both the United24's Safe Sky's drone defence initiative for which the author is an effective fundraising ambassador. I mostly though, donate to United24's "Army of Drones" or "Seababy Drone" fundraisers. I would like to support all their excellent fundraisers (mostly humanitarian oriented), but currently feel offence is the best defence.

I had actually not heard of some of these other US tax advantaged donation mechanisms. I wish we had similar in Canada. Particularly after the Red Cross's Mariupol debacle, I became unhappy with the overhead and ineffectiveness of the other registered charities claiming to be assisting Ukraine.

To my knowledge there are still no tax advantageous charities in Canada that would help in my goal to fund weapons and defensive systems in Ukraine. If there were tax savings, I and many others would use these to donate more to Ukraine.

If one exists please let me know.