The Russian Federation may be  preparing to establsh a so-called Federal District of Crimea in the Ukrainian territory it currently occupies and intends to annex after a series of sham referendums, according to Vedomosti, a Russian-language business daily newspaper.

The Moscow-based newspaper also cited sources from the Russian Federation’s Federation Council and a source “close to the Kremlin.”

The Crimean peninsula itself, as well as the occupied regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson oblasts, are expected to be included in the federal district, according to sources.

This revelation comes following the fraudulent, illegal referendums on “joining” the occupied Ukrainian territories to the Russian Federation, which are expected to end on Sept. 27.


A source in the military and defense sector, as well as two sources close to the Russian president’s administration, predict that Dmitry Rogozin, the former director general of Roscosmos, the Russian State Space Corporation, will be named as the district’s chief.

A decision regarding Rogozin’s appointment will be made soon, as reported by Vedomosti. The newspaper also says that the source predicts his candidacy will most likely be accepted.

The anonymous source close to the Kremlin added that the “difficult situation” surrounding the “referendums on joining [Russia]” necessitated the establishment of the new federal district and claimed that a “political heavyweight” was required to oversee the occupied lands.

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Rogozin’s potential appointment as the authorized representative of the Russian president in the new federal district was explained by a different source close to Putin’s administration as follows: “There is a lot of work to be done there, so this is entirely possible.”

Given that Rogozin does not currently hold a position of significance within the federal government, it has been predicted by individuals close to the Kremlin that he will be chosen to lead the new federal district.


On July 15, Rogozin resigned from his position as Roscosmos’ director general. The Russian president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said “he will soon have a new job.”

Members of Rogozin’s team who are still employed by Roscosmos, according to the source close to the Kremlin, do not appear to be preparing for new positions. The individual, who chooses to remain anonymous, also said Rogozin would appreciate the appointment.

Some members of the Federation Council told journalists at Vedomosti that they were unaware of any additional duties that the authorized representative of the Russian president in the new district might have.

In addition, according to Vedomosti, the Russian Federation’s Cabinet of Ministers has Marat Khusnullin as its Deputy Prime Minister in charge of matters pertaining to the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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