Ukrainian women in Russian captivity receive the same treatment as men, Ukrinform reports. In a briefing about the conditions of Ukrainian women, a representative of the NGO Media Initiative for Human Rights (MIHR) said that the women are kept in cramped unhygienic cells Some are not allowed to comb their hair or cut it altogether.

The MIHR spokesperson, Maria Klymyk, spoke about the analysis of the testimonies by women who spent time in Russian captivity. Several key points of evidence were established to determine that the Russians had illegally detained them.

“I communicated with women from different regions – both civilian and military. The reasons for detention were always the same, especially if it concerned civilians. That is, they either took part in rallies, or were on a list, because they were the wives of soldiers, policemen, journalists or generally had some influence on society,” she said.


According to human rights activists, after the “arrest” women are kept in basements and penal colonies. Some are taken to Russia.

“The conditions of detention were mostly the same. They were not given any hygiene products, there was no special treatment. Sometimes ten women were kept in cells designed for two or three people. Just like the men, the only exception being that they were not subjected to physical violence,” Klymyk reported. “After being brought to the place of detention, especially to the Russian Federation, they were shaved bare, others were not allowed to wash, comb or tie their hair. No medical assistance was provided. That is, they were not treated at all as female prisoners, as stipulated in the Geneva Conventions.”

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Zelensky drew parallels to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, which led to years of conflict and eventual U.S. involvement.

Women who returned from Russian captivity were also invited to participate in the briefing.

Human rights activists claim that it is currently difficult to say exactly how many women are in captivity in the Russian Federation. Because not all relatives report the detention. During the entire period of official exchanges 39 women – both civilians and military personnel – were released.


Ukrinform also reported that on September 17 a flash mob was held in Ukraine and around the world in support of female prisoners of war who were taken prisoner from the Azovstal plant by the Russian military.



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