Three people have been killed and eight injured after Russian forces shelled the city of Kherson on Sunday Jan. 29.

According to the Kherson City Council, the area was struck 13 times, with shells hitting the port, a regional hospital, a school, a bus station, a post office and a bank.

The Council posted on Facebook: “Eleven people were injured as a result of shelling in Kherson. Unfortunately, three of them died. We express our condolences to the loved ones and family of the dead!”

The regional military administration reported that in the wider Kherson area, Russia struck a total of 42 times, using artillery, MLRS, mortars, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

The frontlines in southern Ukraine have been considerably quieter recently than in the east of the country. In November of last year, Russia was forced to withdraw from the part of Kherson Oblast that lies north and west of the Dnipro River. Nevertheless, Kherson city, the regional capital, which was also liberated by Ukrainians, is still subject to frequent shelling by Russians from across the river.


During his daily address on Sunday, President Zelensky highlighted the “atrocious shelling” in Kherson.

He said these attacks confirm that Russia should have no place at events such as next year’s Olympic Games in Paris.

“In such circumstances, against the backdrop of such constant Russian terrorist attacks on our cities and villages, against the backdrop of constant Russian assaults that try to leave no single intact wall, it is even shocking that we have to convince international sports bureaucrats to refuse any support for the terrorist state,” he added.

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He chastised the International Olympic Committee, saying that their efforts to return Russian athletes to competitions and the Olympic Games “is an attempt to tell the whole world that terror can be something acceptable. As if it is possible to turn a blind eye to what Russia is doing to Kherson, to Kharkiv, to Bakhmut and Avdiivka.”



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