Ukraine's defense minister might be replaced soon, a senior lawmaker David Arakhamia said on Sunday evening, Feb. 5, following days of rumors about his future. However, according to the latest information provided by him on Monday, Feb.6, there will be no resignations in the Defense Ministry this week.

Oleksiy Reznikov, 56, is one of the most well-known faces of the country’s war effort and has played a key role in securing much-needed weapons and support from Ukraine’s western allies.

 What did he do wrong?

 Reznikov has not been accused of any personal wrongdoing that we know of, but the ministry which he has headed since November 2021 has recently been rocked by corruptions scandals.

 His deputy was forced to resign in late January after the ministry was accused of signing food contracts at prices two to three times higher than current rates for basic foodstuffs.


 Speaking to reporters earlier on Sunday, Reznikov said an internal audit of procurement procedures was under way at the defense ministry, adding the ministry's own anti-corruption department had "failed" to do its job and needed to be "completely rebooted".

 "The stress that I have endured this year is hard to measure precisely. I am not ashamed of anything," Reznikov said.

 "My conscience is absolutely clear."

 With graft and corruption a key concern for its varied foreign supporters, Ukraine's government has stepped up work to clean up its act, launching high-profile raids earlier this month targeting an oligarch with political connections, and a former interior minister.

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 Is he being fired?

 No, he’s been given another job. According to the senior lawmaker who announced the news, David Arakhamia, Reznikov will be appointed Minister for Strategic Industries.

 Who will be the new Defense Minister?

 "Kyrylo Budanov will head the defense ministry, which is absolutely logical in wartime," said Arakhamia, referring to the 37-year-old chief of the military intelligence.


 Holding the rank of major general, Budanov has headed the military intelligence since August, 2020.

 "War dictates personnel policies,” Arakhamia added. “Time and circumstances require reinforcement and regrouping.

 "The enemy is preparing to advance. We are preparing to defend ourselves."

 Has Zelensky said anything?

 Not directly but during his daily address on Sunday evening, he said: "We are preparing decisions and negotiations that should strengthen our soldiers, give Ukraine more international support and more weapons.”

 What about Reznikov?

 He’s yet to comment publicly since the announcement last night but earlier on Sunday during a press conference he said he will do everything in his power to assist his successor.

 In response to a question from Kyiv Post about his possible future role in helping bring this about, he added: “According to the decision of the President and with the support of the parliament, anyone who will be the Minister of Defense will receive my support, advice, consultations and personal introduction to those (international) Ministers of Defense with whom I have personal relations and communications, if desired.”


 Last week in exclusive comments to Kyiv Post, Reznikov said he would continue to fight for Ukraine “regardless of status or position”.

 He added: “There are still planes on my wish list to Santa. I believe in the victory of Ukraine, and I will do everything for this.”




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