An investigation by the Ukrainian news site Economic Pravda suggests that government officials' wealth has increased over the past year.

By law, Ukrainian officials such as lawmakers, prosecutors, and judges must declare their assets to the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP).

The NACP received some 664,000 documents by March 31, which was the submission deadline for 2023, Economic Pravda reported.

The news site reported Wednesday that it randomly selected declarations for 2,200 officials to see how their fortunes had changed from 2022 to 2023.

It found that every sixth official had bought an apartment or house, and every third one a car. They purchased 721 cars, 268 apartments, and 90 new houses.

Meanwhile, even with the new asset purchases, the officials’ savings increased.


Economic Pravda found that the cash and bank deposits of the declarants increased by about a quarter during the two years of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The news site said that the declarants' wealth is probably even higher than that reported to the NACP “because not all declarants faithfully fulfill their duty. At least until the media finds out about it.”

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Mark Rockford
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They bought apartments snd cars, and their savings increased. Ok. Did their official wages increase for the same time? Hazard pay, or just a raise for being on the clock effectively 24/7 during war time? More information is needed here-or course the trolls will immediately start crying corruption, as we see in the comments here.

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@Mark Rockford, wake up asswipe. Theft is theft.

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@Thomas, Mark is right.

Your comments are presently unsubstantiated. Lots more info still needed.

Read my post below.
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When people realize what a corrupt little bastard Zelensky and his minions are they will tell be so pissed off…
And you fuckwits at Kyiv Post leave my comments alone

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Approved MRGA troll content will:

* Criticize mainstream media in an attempt to discredit it and improve sowing putins' disinformation

* Spread false news about the Ukraine support of allies.

* Bash President Biden and Zelensky or alternatively praise particularly Donald Trump whose statements directly align with the Kremlin’s interests ( why would that be.....duh).

* Insult all other Ukraine allied leaders or supporters.

* Have a standard set of narratives justifying russia's its full-scale invasion and war against Ukraine: fakes narratives about “Nazis in Ukraine,” and “self-defense” against “NATO’s eastward expansion.” 

* Claim that Russia will inevitably win and defeat Ukraine. 

* Blame the West and NATO for all the world's troubles. 

* Promote conspiracy theories and disseminating the opinions of “pseudo-experts” about the decline and imminent fall of the United States, the European Union, and the Western world

* Support protests in Europe and other democratic nations.
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... with millions of Euros from the EU taxpayers

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I expect every nation that has served a term under russian oppression; will require a period of transition to weed out russia's renown corruption or incompetency (as russian military illustrates).

Ukraine appears to be making rapid progress towards addressing its past russian learned corruption and instead making consistent application of fair laws.

By 2023 they had already progressed up Transparency International’s global corruption rankings 37 spots just since they left russia (which still sits ranked in 141st place). Their EU ascension process will further expedite and solidify this improvement.

I personally think we are going to see some interesting breakthroughs in both business and public institute performance from Ukraine....

Some of the highest GDP growth nations in the EU are those now free from the putins dysfunctional regime.
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Not enough info provided yet to draw conclusion as to wrong doing. Ukraine is now operating on 80% of its former landmass and much of the housing on that destroyed by russian. Lots of new apartments (particularly closer to air defence equipped towns) seems very fitting for a war government's key players. Same for cars....lots destroyed by russian, but transportation remains for war government members ...the government must be maintained or all below it crumbles. Regarding increased savings it seems many of these folks are now working around the clock or consistently on demand beyond typical work hours. Who knows what other roles they or their remaining family members may need to take on during the war given so many deaths and refugee exodus. Do we not know how they are compensated for overtime or where new income has emerged from?

This is all worth looking into, but its way to early to call out corruption. When it does though, I'm sure the necessary corrections will be made. We've seen top players apprehended, so it's not like the rest of bureaucracy would be immune.

Ukraine overall is making great strides in improving transparency and reducing corruption having globally risen 37 spots above where they were ranked under russian control. If their people were not interested, they would not be fighting russia's current attempt at conquest.