Russian military convoys, without identification marks, are moving towards the border with the Chernihiv region, Ukraine's North Operational Command reported on a Telegram post on Thursday, Feb. 23. It might be part of preparation for possible provocations by Russian invaders before the day that marks the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


"It is likely that their goal is to accuse the Ukrainian defenders of violating Belarussian territorial integrity, as the servicemen are dressed in pixel uniforms, similar to the uniforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the command warns.


The North Operational Command has provided assurances that the defense forces of the Northern sector are keeping the situation under control and, "unlike enemy troops, have never resorted to provocations and never pursued such a goal."



"Each soldier observes the generally accepted rules of warfare, not encroaching on foreign territories, but exclusively protecting their native land from an insolent and insidious enemy," the report says.

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