In an exclusive interview with Kyiv Post, Serhiy Volkov, a soldier of Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) who serves in the brigade controlling the Donetsk frontline, described the effectiveness of Himars weapons against Russian troops and admitted that the supply of modern fighters could be decisive in the war. 

"We have enough small arms, but we need more artillery. The Russians are terrified of the word Himars.’ They run and hide from other artillery and are so scared that they call everything Himars. Russians are terrified. I think having modern aviation fighters would change the course of the war," he said.

In Volkov's opinion, it would be difficult for Ukraine to liberate its territories from Russian occupation without additional resources, aviation and weapons supply.


"I don't see Russians changing their plans, and we haven't accumulated enough forces and means to drive the Russians away from Ukrainian territory. Of course, we are working on that... I don't think the war will end this year," Volkov said.

Estonia's defense minister told Kyiv Post earlier this month that the possibility of sending F16 fighter jets to Ukraine was not even on the table at the last NATO meeting in Brussels.

Referring to ongoing programs to train Ukrainian troops on other weapons systems, such as Leopard and Challenger tanks, Minister Hanno Pevkur said: "At this moment, we are more concentrated on how we can increase the number of trained people," adding that F16 fighters were "not on the table today. "

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BG Davis
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Why did the airpower conversation shift from MiG-29s (which Ukrainians already operate and maintain) to F-16s (which would require much more extensive training and maintenance facilities)? Is this just another excuse to do nothing?
Mnkihj vb I t
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Find out exactly where Putin is and a high aldatude bomb run and take him out at the exact same moment Ukraine puts on a major assault on Moscow so everyone thinks he was killed in a battle with Ukraine