A U.S. military official has stated that two Ukrainian pilots are currently at a military base in in Tucson, Arizona being trained and tested on flight simulators to assess how long it would take for them to learn to fly various military aircraft, including F-16s.


Another official, traveling with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to the Middle East, told reporters on Sunday that the Ukrainian pilots were there for “a familiarization event” that he described as a “routine activity as part of our military-to-military dialogue with Ukraine.”


NBC News quoted another unnamed official as saying: “The Ukrainians will not be flying any aircraft. The programme is about assessing their abilities as pilots so we can better advise them on how to use the capabilities they have and we have given them”.


Last week, Colin Kahl, a Pentagon official, told the U.S. House of Representatives’ Armed Services Committee that no decision had been made on whether or not to supply F-16s to Ukraine.


The Biden Administration has come under pressure from Republican Members of Congress, to supply Ukraine with F-16s.


Speaking at last month’s Munich Security Conference Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican Senator, said there was a “virtually unanimous belief” in Congress that the U.S. should provide training on the aircraft.


“Don’t worry about provoking Putin, worry about beating him,” he said in an interview with the ABC network.

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Jack Griffin
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Good! And while you're at it, get the Ukrainian pilots checked out on the A-10 Warthogs. They are tank killers.
Eric Prince, the founder of Blackwater opined in December of 2021, as Putrid was massing his forces on the border of The Ukraine, the United States should have given The Ukraine the 150 F15s, F16s, and A10s that had been mothballed in the summer of 2021. Those aircraft were replaced with the new F35s. Had Ukraine added those 150 jets to their arsenal by the winter of 2021-2022, Putrid would have never dared enter The Ukraine.
We Americans should full support 100% arming The Ukraine with the necessary lethal power to destroy the Russian forces in The Ukraine as swiftly as possible.

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Ukraine 🇺🇦 MUST Win.