Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman stated on Monday, September 5, that Russia “hasn’t been held sufficiently accountable” for its war crimes in Ukraine.

In a conversation with his brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, he said: “We could just say this is a disastrous human toll imposed by Russia, imposed by an illegal war, a barbarous war, an unprovoked war.”

“And again, Russia hasn’t been sufficiently held accountable yet. There are efforts to undertake that through sanctions. Ukrainians are doing that on the battlefield by delivering major defeats in terms of thwarting Russians objectives. This war’s far from done, but that’s clearly happening.”

Vindman emphasized that he seeks justice. The world will continue to deal with Russia’s war crimes for “quite some time into the future,” he warned.


“So, the short answer is there will be accountability,” he continued, adding: “The law of war is a mechanism under internal law, frankly where one of the few available now since the Russians have a veto on the security council and they can’t be held accountable in the U.N., where they can be held accountable under international law, whether they like it or not. And I have no doubt there will be accountability.”

The Kyiv Post recently conducted an exclusive interview with Alexander Vindman.

In the interview, conducted by the Kyiv Post’s Senior Defense Correspondent, Stefan Korshak, Vindman evaluated the situation in Ukraine, examined the ongoing conflict, and discussed increasing Ukraine’s need for future U.S. support.

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