The UK government have confirmed that it is dramatically broadening a programme that trains up to tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians to serve as frontline troops in the fight against the Kremlin.

The duration of the combat course is being increased from three weeks to five weeks to keep more of the training in the UK, away from the risk of Russian missile strikes.

Weapons handling, trench and urban warfare, vehicle-mounted operations, and battlefield drills in simulated combat environments are some of the skills being taught to the recruits.

Since the training began in June, approximately 4,700 people have attended the course at military locations in England’s north, southwest, and southeast. Commanders plan to keep providing support as long as Ukraine requires additional soldiers to resist Russia’s invasion.


Together with their British colleagues, military instructors from eight more nations, including New Zealand, Sweden, and the Netherlands, will conduct the expanded training mission.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace stated that the programme showed “shared resolve to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

The Ministry of Defence confirmed the expanded programme in a statement sent to top sources, with Mr Wallace revealing that the training course had “developed rapidly”, adding: “we are now extending it to five weeks to provide the best possible preparation for Ukrainian soldiers who will soon be in active combat operations”.

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Number of Dead from Russian Drone Strike Rises to 5, Including One Child

Firefighters said that they had eliminated the fire in an area of 50 square meters.

“Meeting those citizen soldiers and witnessing first-hand their courage and determination is a humbling experience,” he continued.

“We must do everything we can to help them defend their homes against this illegal and unprovoked Russian invasion and will continue to do so for as long as it takes. We stand with Ukraine.”

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