Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense, and Intelligence, Fedir Venislavsky, denied yesterday's statement by David Arakhamia, the head of President Zelensky's party in the Ukrainian parliament, about increased mobilization in case of tactical nuclear weapons being placed in Belarus.


Speaking on the national TV marathon on Tuesday, Mar 28, Venislavsky noted that increased mobilization is possible if required at the front - for example, for a counteroffensive of Ukraine. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will determine the need for additional mobilization, considering plans, prospects, and the current state of affairs.


However, the possible transfer of nuclear weapons from Russia to Belarus would not be the reason for additional mobilization, as Arakhamia assumed in an interview with Sky News.



Venislavsky once again drew attention to the fact that general mobilization has been announced in Ukraine, which means that all citizens elible for conscription can be mobilized if needed.


However, as of now, there is no such need. As the deputy emphasized, this issue was discussed at a closed meeting of the parliamentary committee on national security with the participation of Chief of the General Staff Serhiy Shaptala.


Today, there is no need for a sharp increase in mobilization resources,” Venislavsky said. Mobilization activities are carried out almost constantly at the request of the General Staff, which understands the exact number of conscripts and which specialties our Armed Forces need.”

‘Shoot and Scoot’ – War in Ukraine Overturns Another Conventional Tenet of War
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‘Shoot and Scoot’ – War in Ukraine Overturns Another Conventional Tenet of War

The threat from drones, loitering munitions and precision-guided weapons applies as much to artillery systems as it does to tanks and other armored vehicles.


Speaking in an interview with Sky News on Monday, Mar. 28, Arakhamia said that mobilization in Ukraine may intensify if nuclear weapons are deployed in Belarus. He noted that it might lead to the opening of a second front, and in such a case, additional mobilization may be announced in Ukraine.

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