Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Monday. April 3, he hoped Russian leader Vladimir Putin would spend the rest of his life in a dark basement with a bucket.

Zelensky spoke in the village of Yahidne, north of Kyiv, where he and German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck travelled to mark the anniversary of the liberation of the settlement from Russian troops.

Soon after the invasion, the Russians forced 367 people -- nearly the entire population of Yahidne -- into a school basement measuring 200 square meters.

The villagers, including an 18-month-old baby, were kept there for almost a month, and 11 of them died.

"After seeing all this, I hope the president of Russia will spend the rest of his days in a basement with a bucket for toilet," the Ukrainian leader said.

Zelensky said the villagers who were held in the basement for 27 days recorded the names of those who died "so as not to forget them".


"And children wrote lines of the Ukrainian anthem," he added.

One of the survivors said some people died from lack of oxygen in the small cellar.

"At first it was cold here, but then there were more people and there was not enough oxygen," 38-year-old Valeriy Polhui told AFP.

"The elderly people lost consciousness from lack of oxygen, lost their mind and then died," he said.

Kyiv authorities and Western governments have accused Russian forces of committing numerous crimes in Ukraine. Moscow denies the claims.

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Richard Bachynsky Hoover
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Yes ..King Rat gets to Eat his Cheese and and Set up more threats now to the Civilized Democratic free world as he wages Hell death Destruction beyond the imagination in Ukraine..End the Security ..kaput..Putin plays by no rules..So why should his enemies against him obey him when hes in the Chair laughing...End it..Restart it when hes dead or let him be the man in his term and ignore his demands he is doing to NATO EU WEST ..PUTIN must be the King of Zeros..
No Security coop.. No Putin ..Up his A Hole!))