On Aug. 26, the Ukrainian military struck a Russian base in temporarily occupied city of Kadiivka, Luhansk region. The news was reported by the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck enemy fortifications in occupied Kadiivka, killing about 200 Russian paratroopers,” he wrote on Twitter.

Haidai noted that the occupiers had been based in a hotel in Kadiivka since 2014. The Russians claim that on Aug. 26, the Ukrainian armed forces fired 10 HIMARS missiles at the city.

This is not the first effective attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kadiivka. On July 15 and 18, Ukrainian defenders hit ammunition depots in the city, and on July 24, they hit the occupiers’ barracks.

Haidai announced that, thanks to the effective work of Ukrainian partisans in the Luhansk region, the Russian occupiers decided against holding a pseudo-referendum in the near future.


According to him, partisans have become much more active recently, and thanks to them and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are effectively destroying Russian warehouses and bases.

On Aug. 16, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Russian military base in Lysychansk, Luhansk Region, eliminating about 100 Russian soldiers.

Two days prior, Haidai confirmed a strike on the headquarters of Vladimir Putin’s hired mercenaries, the Private Military Company Wagner (PMC Wagner), in Popasnaya, Luhansk region.

Russian Troops Claim to Grab Ground in Surprise Assault, Threaten Breakthrough in Battleground Avdiivka
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Russian Troops Claim to Grab Ground in Surprise Assault, Threaten Breakthrough in Battleground Avdiivka

A few Russian milbloggers said the Ukrainian line was smashed and Kremlin troops are advancing unopposed. That turns out to be fake news. On Tuesday neither side owned the village.

The Russian occupiers are trying to seize the Luhansk region completely. The Ukrainian forces abandoned the last large city of the region, Lysychansk, on July 3. Two villages in the Luhansk region remain under the control of the Ukrainian military.

In the past day alone, the Ukrainian military eliminated 400 Russians, seven tanks, six armored fighting vehicles, and six unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The enemy suffered the most significant losses in the Donetsk direction.

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