A Wagner fighter currently held in a Swedish deportation prison has recognised former colleagues in the video of the beheading of a Ukrainian solider, Russian media has reported.

 On the YouTube channel, Khodorovsky Live, Vladimir Osechkin, founder of Gulagu.net, a Russian human rights organisation, said:

 "We contacted Andrei Medvedev, the former commander of the first squad of the 4th platoon of the 7th assault squad of the Wagner Group, who is currently in a deportation prison in Sweden. In Sweden, detainees have access to mobile phones and computers. We sent him the video. He watched it several times. And he definitely recognises his colleagues, Wagner fighters, by their distinctive aliases, the way they speak, what they say on the radio, and other things."


 During his appearance, Osechkin recalled that similar brutal murders have already been committed by Wagner Group fighters. There is a video on the internet of Wagner mercenaries killing a prisoner with a sledgehammer in Syria, as well as a video of them dismembering a body, he said.

 As reported by Ukraiinska Pravda in December 2022, Medvedev has separately claimed that he “is aware of over ten cases of Wagner militants executing mercenaries who refused to participate in the war.”

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