The US and EU have both stated that they disagree with the idea that all Russians should be denied a visa to travel abroad.

Earlier this month, Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated to The Washington Post:  “The most important sanctions are to close the borders — because the Russians are taking away someone else’s land.”

However, the US and the EU have flatly rejected that response, with the former arguing that crucial refugee pathways must remain open for victims of human rights abuses and dissidents.

“The US wouldn’t want to close off pathways to refuge and safety for Russia’s dissidents or others who are vulnerable to human rights abuses” a spokesperson for the US state department.

“We’ve also been clear that it is important to draw a line between the actions of the Russian government and its policies in Ukraine, and the people of Russia,” the spokesperson continued.


The EU’s Josep Borrell also commented on the news earlier today: “To forbid the entrance to all Russians is not a good idea.”

Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, also spoke out against it on Monday, saying that Russians should be free to leave their home nation if they disagree with the government.

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