Following yesterday’s assassination of Russian ideologue Dariya Platonova (Dugina), in which her father, Alexander Dugin, one of the leading ideologues of Putin’s Russia, is believed to have been targeted, a previously unknown group called “National Republican Army” have taken credit for the hit.

Platonova was driving her father’s Toyota Land Cruiser from a public event when she was killed by a car bomb on the outskirts of Moscow. Dugin was expected to ride in the car but had switched to another.

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, “Taking into account the data already obtained, the investigation believes that the crime was pre-planned and was of an ordered nature.”

Russian opposition leader Ilya Ponomarev announced during his YouTube program, “Morning in February,” the attackers laid out a manifesto calling for violence against the Putin Regime and the overthrow of the current Russian Government.


In exclusive remarks to the Kyiv Post, Ponomarev stated that there were roughly 16,000 members of the National Republican Army with an estimated 1,000 taking part in active measures.

The manifesto has been translated as follows:


We, Russian activists, military and politicians, now partisans and fighters of National Republican Army, we outlaw warmongers, robbers and oppressors of the peoples of Russia!

We declare President Putin the usurper of authority and the military criminal who has amended the Constitution, unleashed fratricidal war between Slavic peoples and sent the Russian soldiers to certain and senseless death.

Russian Missile Wounds 3, Sparks Warehouse Blaze in Odesa
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Russian Missile Wounds 3, Sparks Warehouse Blaze in Odesa

A Russian cruise missile hit a warehouse in the southern port city of Odesa, sparking a fire over thousands of square metres (yards), Ukrainian officials said on Monday.

Poverty and coffins for some, palaces for others – the essence of his policy.

We believe that people deprived of the right to vote have the right to revolt against tyrants.

Putin will be deposed and destroyed by us!

Our purpose is to stop destruction of Russia and its neighbors, to stop activity of a bunch of the Kremlin businessmen who have sucked in riches of our people and committing today crimes inside the country and outside of it.


We declare officials of the Government of the Russian Federation and regional administrations accomplices of the usurper – those who will not resign, we shall destroy.

We declare the businessmen earning the money on corruption and communications with officials traitors of the Native land and accomplices of the usurper. The property of those who do not repent and do not publicly oppose this government and its war, and they themselves will be destroyed by us.

We declare the members of the security forces to be collaborators with the usurper. Those who will not lay down their arms and remove their shoulder straps will be destroyed by us.

We declare the military cargoes and the cargoes of those who earn on the war and help it financially to be lawful targets, which we shall destroy.

We remember the bombing of houses in Russia that brought Putin to power. We know that the regime will not stop at any of the most heinous crimes. And we declare: we will act only against the faces of the regime. We will not attack any civilian objects or civilians, and if Putin’s siloviki (any person who works for a state organisation that has a right to use force against people) will do such provocations and attribute the victims to us – don’t believe them!


We call on the soldiers of the Russian army to stop shooting our brothers from other countries – Georgia, Syria and others.

We call on all Russians to join our ranks and raise the white, blue and white flag of the new Russia instead of the tricolor disgraced by the Putin government.

We call for those who are ready to fight to follow our example and overthrow this inhuman, hypocritical and anti-people regime!

We consider it unacceptable that Russians began to be stigmatized all over the world because of war crimes, committed by those who have neither nationality, nor fatherland, and who love only money and power.

The world is not Russia’s enemy, and Russia is not the enemy of mankind, and we will prove it with our deeds.

We will give protection to everyone who will follow our call.

All who execute our program up to the change of the regime will be exempt from the responsibility provided by the laws of the usurper.

After our victory we will immediately release all those illegally convicted by the Putin regime.

We shall give freedom to all peoples living in Russia, and we shall construct a new society – a society without oligarchs, without corruption, without arbitrariness of officials, without humiliating poverty.


A society in which everyone will be rewarded for his work. A society without wars and violence.

A society in which power will belong to the people, where citizens will choose their own leaders and organize the life of their cities and villages.

A society in which rulers will not sacrifice human lives for their own greatness but focus on education, medicine, and scientific progress.

A society in which everyone will be proud to have been born on Russian soil and will want to live in it!

Long live Free Russia!

Wherever you are, fight like us, fight with us, fight better than us!

Let us clean our homeland from the filth! Victory will be with us!

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