An American volunteer, Cooper Andrews, was killed in the Donetsk region during the battle for the fortress city of Bakhmut, journalist Jake Hanrahan reported on Twitter. According to him, 26-year-old Andrews was a former Marine and served in the Foreign Legion.


Volunteer Cooper Andrews killed in Bakhmut. Photo credit Twitter @Jake_Hanrahan


“He was a former US Marine and lifelong leftist organizer. He was killed in Bakhmut,” Hanrahan wrote. “Cooper was killed alongside other leftist fighters in Ukraine. He was part of the Foreign Legion and later the Resistance Committee. He was ambushed by Russian forces while defending evacuees.”


The journalist added that he and the Popular Front (PF) community, which Andrews supported, did not know that Harris was in the Bakhmut area, so his death came as a real shock to them.



“Hearing from others in the Popular Front community about Cooper and all the stories are how he helped them both in person or remotely,” he wrote.


“He was a good man and a kind soul. We're mourning his loss but will be working out some kind of memorial via PF soon.”


In Cooper’s messages to his friends, the volunteer wrote that Putin’s regime must disappear, and he wanted Kharkiv to survive.


On February 27, 2022, Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to foreigners who want to “join the defense of security in Europe and the world” to join the ranks of the International Legion. According to official figures, citizens of 55 countries serve in the Legion. The British, Americans, Poles, and Canadians have shown the greatest solidarity with Ukraine.

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The stark reality is that without very immediate military backing and supplies from the US, Ukraine could lose the war, or at least significantly more territory, the author writes.


Since February 24, more than 100 foreign volunteers who fought for Ukraine have been killed in combat. The following countries have suffered the greatest losses: Georgia, Belarus, the US, Azerbaijan, and Great Britain. 


Also, soldiers from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Ichkeria, Taiwan, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Taiwan have been killed defending Ukraine.

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It seems Ukraine might still have Russian moles within the command structure of the International Legion?. It was obvious early on in the war that international fighters were being sent on pointless suicide missions