Emergency services rescued a domestic cat from a building in Uman destroyed when a Russian missile slammed into it. The video footage was posted on the TikTok account by a Ukrainian woman named Angela on Sunday, April 30.

The cat was taken away from the destroyed apartment by the State Emergency Service. According to the residents of the building, who watched the rescue, the cat was initially on the eighth floor. Later, it moved to the balcony that had survived the explosion.

A rescue vehicle with extension ladder was used to get to the cat. Rescuers put it in a carrier and brought it down.

Although not injured, the cat was in shock from what had happened. It did not stop shivering even when rescuers put it in the carrier. The animal was fed, sedated, and sent to a shelter.

A little later, rescuers learned that the cat belonged to a family of internally displaced persons who had come to Uman to escape the war. During the April 28 rocket attack on the city the family had lost two young children.


On April 30, Uman buried two children who died during a Russian rocket attack. The youngest child was a nine-year-old girl, and her brother was several years older.

On the night of April 28, a Russian missile hit a multi-story building in Uman. According to the latest reports, five children were killed – two boys (one was one and a half years old, the other 16) and three girls aged 8, 11, and 14 were killed.

A total of 23 people died in Uman, with police forensics identifying 22 of them. One woman has been reported missing.

Ukraine Says Situation in East Has 'Deteriorated Significantly'
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Ukraine Says Situation in East Has 'Deteriorated Significantly'

Worrying news from the front in Ukraine's Donbas.
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